You can tell a lot about a person from their choices. The books they choose to read willingly, what you can find on their Facebook newsfeed, or their favorite student grill order. But since we’re fortunate enough to live in Cambridge, specifically in Harvard Square, which has so many cafés to choose from, why not learn more about yourself and your friends through the places you use to get all the caffeine you need to survive the day?

The Peet’s/Capital One Café: Maybe you’re a person who loves finance or banking and love having your latte near your future life goal. Or maybe you’re just taking advantage of the fact you can get half-off drinks with your student ID from 9 pm to 11 pm on most days. You’re not being obsessed with caffeine but being a true saver. This bodes well for adulthood.

Crema: You love to disconnect from it all. Not from the people and the crowds, but from the media and the internet and the world outside of the Square. You have no choice anyway since there is no reliable wifi at the cafe unless you can use your cellular data the entire time. You love to tell everyone what is your favorite sandwich.

Starbucks: You have admitted it to yourself and all your friends that you like the basic things in life and you’re not ashamed of it anymore. You know how to wait for the things you want in life such as the oft-heralded return of the PSL. In fact, you have a heightened and particular sense of taste because you can instantly tell if the Venti Peppermint Mocha you ordered doesn’t have the requisite amount of additional espresso shots. Your biggest problem is declaring your preferred Starbucks in Cambridge.

Tatte Bakery and Cafe: You know how to deal with suffering and waiting. Not only do you have to wait in line if you want something from downstairs but you also have to be a perceptive hunter if you want the chance of seating. You also have a love for the art as the black and white decor of the café speaks to your Instagram aesthetic. You’re a sharer, too, since that’s the best way to save on buying food.

Flour Bakery: You’re not afraid to go very far for what you want and explore new places. Not only are you the first person to try their famous Sticky Buns locally such you’re probably the only one in your friend group who knows that there is a Post Office in the Square.

Algiers Coffee House: You like your mint teas strong and have a deep down love for a great comeback story. You are a loyal and committed customer and friend, which is usually ideal, but also means you don't know when to give up.