Face it: it’s hard to make connections. Whether it's LinkedIn, Tinder, Bumble, or even real life. When staring down your dating prospects on the “professional network,” here are the four types of guys you will meet and how you can use each of these connections to your advantage.{shortcode-74ece9d11bb68b24e08a660eb50fe32b6f512096}

The guy who just made his profile and forgot about it

His profile picture is probably his high school senior photo, if he even has one at all. He barely mentions anything about achievements, jobs, and maybe even his full name (how else are you supposed to Instagram stalk him to see if it’s worth sliding into those DMs)? He either quit in the middle of making his profile and doesn’t care anymore or forgot his password. Might not be the greatest person to connect with.

The guy who fakes it until he makes it

This is that guy who lists himself as CEO of a company…a company which doesn't exist yet. We're an advocate of reaching for the stars but always make sure to check if said company is legit and what else he does on the side.

The guy who does the absolute most

This guy has published so many LinkedIn articles about topics you’ve never even thought about for more than a fleeting moment. He's published all the awards he's received since elementary school, even the award given to best line leader in the first grade. In each post, he mentions all his interactions with somewhat famous people, even if he just happened to know someone who is a second cousin of said famous person. Unfortunately he probably has a lot of connections, so it wouldn't hurt to be in his circle. Smash that “Connect” button.

The guy you actually want to connect with

He’s the one in the career or sector of your dreams. He’d be a perfect mentor, boss, or even associate to you. Connecting with him would open up a whole new world. But you will wait weeks for him to connect with you or even read your earnest appeal that you practiced through OCS sessions. If he actually responds, it will be at the worst possible moment like when you actually have an internship or when you are about to graduate. Alas, 'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.