You: I need to finish this paper due tomorrow.

You to You: But I can watch Netflix whenever and wherever I want...

That’s right. On Wednesday, Netflix released the news that they were finally allowing users to download shows so they can watch offline. Bye-bye, any hopes of getting pity A-minuses. Hello, sweet, sweet procrastination.

So far this feature is only available on the mobile app, and users can only download select shows. But more content will be available in the future. Right now you can watch binge-worthy shows like House of Cards, Parks and Recreation, Master of None, and more.

Thought you would be able to concentrate on your p-sets in Crema? Thought you could use the excuse of unreliable wifi in Starbucks to look at lecture readings instead of Stranger Things or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Nope. Your finals will suffer, your papers won’t be the best, but you at least you will be able to download videos in standard or high quality to watch at your leisure. C's get degrees, people.

When the next Harvard blackout occurs, it will nice to be able to watch Orange is the New Black while waiting for the wifi to restart. Though it would have been nice to have this new addition before Thanksgiving to help us deal with long flights (and avoiding relatives), we'll take any good news we can get in 2016.