After dealing with a sudden blackout that left some stranded, we thought there wouldn’t be any more surprises. But here comes the news of the HUDS strike that could start on Wednesday. Since we don’t know Harvard’s plans for feeding us during the impending strike, other than rumors of frozen mac and cheese as far as the eye can see, it’s probably wise to starting buying as many expensive supplies from the Square as possible.

But like a ray of sunshine in our dark & rainy day, a hero comes in to make our day just a little brighter. And the hero of this tale is C’est Bon, which is valiantly offering 10 percent off purchases if you show your student ID. Yes, C’est Bon is the Batman to Harvard Square’s Gotham.

It is not the first time that C’est Bon came in clutch during the cold. And though this deal had existed weeks before news of the strike, it seemingly came at just the right time.

But now, for every wine bottle you buy for your next presidential drinking game, you save some money for important things like a slice of Noch’s or a late night Uber ride. In fact, just by showing your Harvard ID with your state ID you’re actually one step closer to being a responsible adult by saving money every time you buy PBR or Franzia.

Could this be an underhanded scheme to make sure that the birth date on our Harvard I.Ds. match those on our state IDS? Possibly. But if you can take advantage of it, why wouldn’t you?