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The folklore and mythology concentration saw two of its seven junior concentrators make PBK's "Junior 24," while large concentrations like government and economics saw just one concentrator apiece make the list.



Awais Hussain'15, a sophomore in Eliot House, is exploring the intersection of Arts and Science by pursuing a joint degree in Physics and Philosophy.



Peter S. Pershan sits in front of the pictures he took while in Alaska. He is teaching a course on the Science of Photography this semester.


EdX Adds Physics Course to Spring Course Roster

Renowned MIT physics professor and virtual education veteran Walter Lewin has added his popular course on electricity and magnetism to this spring’s edX class offerings, announced the online educational platform on Tuesday.


Physics Professor Explains Dark Energy

In a talk Tuesday evening, Christopher W. Stubbs, a professor of physics and astronomy, provided insight into the nebulous concept dubbed “dark energy.”


Physics 11 Offered For Last Time This Year

The physics department has restructured its introductory physics curriculum to remove overlap between courses and to offer students diversity in teaching methodology.


Applied Physics 50 Offers Innovative Teaching Style

Applied Physics 50: “Physics as a Foundation for Science and Engineering” will serve as a new gateway application-oriented introductory physics class and will debut in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences this fall. It will utilize “Peer Instruction,” an unconventional pedagogical style championing active student learning through interactive team projects that challenge students to apply their learning to real-world problems. For example, instead of speaking in front of the classroom, the professor will guide students as they design Rube-Goldberg machines, unmanned space missions, and musical instruments.


Student Civil Rights Activist Arrested and Beaten by Police, 1964

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