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‘Hyped Just About Right’: How the AI Boom is Reshaping Research at Harvard

As ChatGPT took the world by storm, many raised concerns about how it might help students cheat themselves out of learning. But a year and a half later, AI is changing the work of professors perhaps even more.

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Harvard in the City

Harvard Researchers and Amazon Collaborate to Launch Boston’s First Quantum Network

Harvard physicists took a giant step towards full-scale quantum internet networks this month, creating the longest quantum network so far with cables running between Boston and Cambridge.

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Harvard in the City

An Emerging Hub: How Biotech Spread to Allston

Allston, an area which has long been known as a hub for college students, immigrant families, and mixed industrial uses is now emerging as a new hub for one of Boston’s most lucrative industries: biotech.

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Harvard Center for Astrophysics Facing Financial Strain Following NASA Budget Cuts

The Center for Astrophysics — a collaboration with the Smithsonian Museum and one of Harvard’s top research centers — is facing a declining budget following NASA’s proposal to reduce The Chandra X-ray Observatory’s fiscal year 2025 budget.

Cambridge Police Officer Blocks Intersection at Protest

Man Who Placed Fake Bomb At Harvard Sentenced to 3 Years Probation

William A. Giordani, a New Hampshire man arrested for placing a fake bomb in the Science Center Plaza on Harvard’s campus, will face three years of probation for failing to report a felony.

60 Oxford Street Renovations

How Harvard Came to the Cutting Edge of Quantum Research

For the past few years, Harvard has publicly been ramping up its investment in quantum science research across the University.

Graduate School of Education Outside

Howard Gardner ’65 Named Harvard Graduate School of Education’s 2024 Convocation Speaker

Developmental psychologist Howard E. Gardner ’65 will give the keynote address at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s 2024 Convocation, Dean Bridget Terry Long announced on April 15.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Science Retracts Paper by Dana-Farber President Over Discrepancies in Multiple Figures

The journal Science retracted a 2006 paper by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute President and CEO Laurie H. Glimcher ’72 on Thursday due to discrepancies in several figures.

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Harvard and the Effort to Bring Back the Wooly Mammoth

Harvard Medical School professor George M. Church didn’t think that by the end of his breakfast in Harvard Square, he would have $100,000 to bring back the wooly mammoth.

Center for Brain Science

Center for Brain Science

Science Center Renovations
Sciences Division

‘Less Exciting and Less Fun’: Undergraduates Voice Frustrations with Science Lab Renovations

Ongoing renovations in Harvard’s Science Center have disrupted numerous science courses by closing off first and second floor teaching laboratories, eliciting frustration from undergraduates.

60 Oxford Street Renovations

Harvard Quantum Initiative Construction Set to be Completed in the Spring

Construction on 60 Oxford Street — the new home of the Harvard Quantum Initiative in Science and Engineering (HQI) — is set to be completed this Spring, in accordance with its expected timeline.

Harvard Students Watch the Solar Eclipse from Weeks Bridge
Student Life

‘More Important Than School’: Harvard Affiliates Skip Class and Town To View Solar Eclipse

Harvard students seemed to be everywhere but the classroom on Monday, as undergraduates admired the total solar eclipse. Some gathered on campus to view the rare celestial event, but others traveled further — to Vermont, Arkansas, and Texas — to enjoy the eclipse from the path of totality.

Dean of Sciences Stubbs Portrait

Harvard Science Dean Stubbs Says He Does Not Know Timeline for Search for Successor

Harvard Dean of Science Christopher W. Stubbs said he does not know the status of the search for his successor, even as he is set to depart to his role at the end of the semester.

TH Chan School Outside File

Harvard C-CHANGE Names 17 Social Media Influencers to 2024 Climate Creators to Watch List

The Harvard Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at the Harvard School of Public Health named 17 social media influencers to their third annual Climate Creators to Watch list in early March.