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‘Hyped Just About Right’: How the AI Boom is Reshaping Research at Harvard

As ChatGPT took the world by storm, many raised concerns about how it might help students cheat themselves out of learning. But a year and a half later, AI is changing the work of professors perhaps even more.

Allston Feature Graphic
Harvard in the City

An Emerging Hub: How Biotech Spread to Allston

Allston, an area which has long been known as a hub for college students, immigrant families, and mixed industrial uses is now emerging as a new hub for one of Boston’s most lucrative industries: biotech.

Jeff Lichtman

Harvard Researchers Create Largest-Known Map Of Portion of a Human Brain

Researchers at Harvard in collaboration with Google have released the most detailed map of a section of the human brain to date.

Sam Altman Speaks at Memorial Church
Harvard Business School

‘That’s the Miracle’: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Talks Undergrad Years, Future of AI at Harvard Event

OpenAI CEO and billionaire technology entrepreneur Sam Altman discussed his startup journey and the future of artificial intelligence at an event in Memorial Church on Wednesday.

60 Oxford Street Renovations

How Harvard Came to the Cutting Edge of Quantum Research

For the past few years, Harvard has publicly been ramping up its investment in quantum science research across the University.

60 Oxford Street Renovations

Harvard Quantum Initiative Construction Set to be Completed in the Spring

Construction on 60 Oxford Street — the new home of the Harvard Quantum Initiative in Science and Engineering (HQI) — is set to be completed this Spring, in accordance with its expected timeline.


Researchers at Harvard SEAS Engineer ‘New Class of Fluids’

A group of researchers at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences engineered metafluids – the first of a “new class of fluids” — which bring a number of intriguing properties, such as tunable compressibility, changeable optical properties, and the ability to be programmed to handle a variety of loads.

Grid Accelerator

Harvard Grid Accelerator Announces Awards to 6 Innovation Projects

Six projects in health, climate, and manufacturing have been awarded grants by the Harvard Grid Accelerator. The projects range from a navigation aid for the visually impaired to AI-driven therapeutic solutions.

Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Harvard Horizons Scholar Looks to ‘Sound the Alarm’ on ‘Forever Chemicals’

Heidi M. Pickard, a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Engineering and Applied Sciences at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, used her 2024 Harvard Horizons project to investigate environmental contamination and human exposure to highly-prevalent “forever chemicals.”

Science and Engineering Complex

Controversial Harvard Geoengineering Project Abandoned After Advisory Committee Report

A controversial environmental geoengineering experiment led by Harvard Chemistry professor Frank N. Keutsch is officially no longer being pursued, according to a Monday statement from the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability.

Toast to MethaneSAT Event

Harvard Team Celebrates Launch of Methane-Detecting Satellite at SEC Event

Dozens of Harvard affiliates gathered at a Friday reception at the Science and Engineering Complex to celebrate the launch of MethaneSAT, one of the world’s most advanced methane-detecting satellites.

David Parkes Courtesy

‘A Breath of Fresh Air’: Many Faculty Laud David Parkes’ New Leadership as SEAS Dean

Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences David C. Parkes has garnered support and approval from numerous faculty during his first semester at the school’s helm.

Harvard Yard University Hall

Ten Stories That Shaped 2023

In 2023, Harvard had a tumultuous year. Claudine Gay’s first semester ended amid a leadership crisis as she came under fire for her response to tensions on a campus divided by the Israel-Hamas war and faced allegations of plagiarism. Harvard’s legacy and donor preferences in admissions also faced national scrutiny following the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling striking down the University’s affirmative action policy. Across campus, scandal after scandal hit parts of the University. Here, The Crimson looks back at the 10 stories that shaped 2023 at Harvard.

Intersection Near 180 Western Ave

VP of Health Company Talks Maternal Health Crisis at Harvard Data Science Initiative

Isabel Fulcher, vice president of data science at Delfina and former postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Data Science Initiative, discussed the maternal health crisis and what Delfina is doing to combat it at a talk held by HDSI Thursday.

Dean Parkes Interview
FAS Administration

Harvard SEAS Dean Parkes Outlines AI and Climate Change as Major Priorities for School

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean David C. Parkes shared plans to prioritize artificial intelligence and climate change during his first Crimson interview as the school’s new dean on Thursday.