Visual Arts

Photography Beyond Portraiture

Photographer Berenice Abbott engages in a broader form of portraiture, capturing the various idiosyncrasies of her subjects while preserving her own distinctive artistic style.


MIT Psychology Professor Talks About New Book

At a gathering at the Barker Center yesterday, MIT Psychology Professor Sherry Turkle—whose work has focused on the psychological impact of technology—said that despite technology’s potential to bring society together, its users often feel isolated.


Harvard Shares Books with Ivies

In a historic move, the Harvard University Library will begin sharing its approximately 17 million volumes with the seven other members of the Ivy League.

Student Life

Check Out Independent Activities Period at MIT

Harvard is pretty sleepy during J-term—the undergraduate population shrinks by more than 80 percent, many of the students who remain on campus are holed up in their rooms writing theses, and even those who aren’t hard at work are banned from holding parties or hosting guests. But just down the river, MIT is an exciting place to be during the first month of the year.