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This Week's Arts Cover: Stanislaw Baranczak

This week’s Crimson Arts cover story is about Polish poet and Harvard professor Stanislaw Baranczak. The piece focuses on Baranczak’s ...


Even When No One is Looking

Poet Stanislaw Baranczak had no desire to shoulder his country’s burden. What he wanted was to write free from the confines of communist censorship.


Overexposed in Austin

On the highway later, I looked down at the odometer: 85 m.p.h. It didn’t feel all that fast. It was the landscape’s lack of landmarks.

Activism at Harvard

The Dilemma of the Radical

The difference between an activist and a radical is not necessarily clear, and the Harvard activist, it seems, resists easy categorization.

Extension School

Harvard College Administration Quiet on Abe Liu Incident

As discussion of the 27-year-old Extension School student who was escorted from Weld Hall on Dec. 8 cools down on campus, freshmen have expressed concern about how the administration has handled informing students of the incident.

Nancy Cott 2
In The Meantime

Profile: Nancy F. Cott

When history Professor Nancy F. Cott took the stand in January 2010, she was stepping into a highly contentious arena that had drawn California’s governor and most ardent supporters of gay marriage into a battle over the legality of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in that state.

Harvard in the World

Obama Revises Student Loans

President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that he plans to sign an executive order that will ease the financial burden of student loans for many young Americans, including some Harvard undergraduates and graduate students.

375th Anniversary

Harvard and the Fabric of a Nation

As America’s star has begun to dim and other countries are diluting United States’ influence on the international stage, will Harvard’s fate be once again entwined with America’s?

Ed School

With $40 Million Gift, Harvard Launches Teaching Initiative

With a $40 million gift from Rita E. and Gustave M. Hauser, Harvard said Tuesday that it will launch a new teaching initiative, an effort that officials describe as re-emphasizing a commitment to best teaching practices and innovative learning.

Central Administration

Harvard Rethinks Strategy Abroad

An advisory group has provided a set of recommendations to University administrators that begin to formulate a vision for Harvard’s international presence.

Drew Faust

Students, Faculty, and Faust Speak at LGBTQ Vigil

The Queer Students and Allies sponsored a candlelight vigil at the John Harvard statue Wednesday evening to memorialize both the suffering of LGBTQ community and progress made toward queer equality.

University Finances

Harvard Raises $639M Despite Tough Economy

Despite a shaky economy, Harvard raised a record setting $639 million during the 2011 fiscal year, the third-largest amount ever accrued in the University’s history.

Harvard in the World

Faust Joins Talks In D.C.

University President Drew G. Faust extended a hand to business partners Wednesday to stress the importance of American innovation at Bloomberg Business Roundtable on day two of her Washington, D.C. trip.


Faust Talks to Congressional Leaders About Spending

As part of her two-day visit to Capitol Hill, University President Drew G. Faust met Tuesday with four Democratic members of the Congressional deficit-reduction “supercommittee” in the hopes that the committee will think twice before slashing funding for student aid and science research as it looks to trim $1.5 trillion from the national debt.

Harvard in the World

Faust Urges Supercommittee Against Cuts to Student Aid and Research

Visiting Capitol Hill, University President Drew G. Faust will urge members of the so-called Congressional supercommittee to avoid cuts to federal funding for student aid and research.