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Gangnam, MIT-style

A rapidly spreading viral sensation is debunking negative stereotypes of MIT students as boring. In a matter of days, MIT has received more than four million hits on their version of the popular "Gangnam Style."


Harvard Falls Short, Again

It’s been a tough year for Harvard rankings. After tying with Princeton in this past year’s most recent U.S. News and World Report, Harvard recently clocked in second in another ranking.

Student Life

Five Reasons to Participate in 'No Shave November'

It’s November, and you know what that means: the abandonment of basic hygiene to raise awareness for turkey inequality (or ...

What Does the Future Hold?
Ivy League

Ivy Students Can Get Jobs

Breaking news: Yalies can get jobs. Surprising as it may be, Yale alumni are the second most employable group of college graduates, according to a New York Times survey. While Harvard topped the charts (and we'll get to that later), let's first look at other top schools and where they stand in the rankings.

Food and Drink

Correlation Still Doesn't Equal Causation in Soda Studies

We've all heard about the supposed health risks of drinking soda—there's too much sugar, it's bad for you, it'll rot your teeth, it'll rot your mind, etc. With so many studies and reports being published, it's hard to tell what to believe. Recently, a Harvard teaching facility has admitted to promoting inconclusive data while another Harvard study links soda consumption to increased aggression.


Harvard on PostSecret

It's the thirteenth image on the PostSecret website. Or you can see it here.

Harvard in the World

MIT > Harvard? Flyby Investigates.

Last week’s earthquake marked the start of tectonic changes in the Cambridge area—U.S. News and World Report just released their 2012 "World's Best Universities" rankings and MIT has leapfrogged over both Cambridge and Harvard to claim glory in the form of a #1 ranking.

Student Life

10 Harvard-Themed Halloween Costumes

Mid-October means the end of warm weather and the start of midterm season for most Harvard students—but that's no reason for distress. With Halloween right around the corner, now's the time take a break from studying or despairing about the cold to come up with the perfect costume idea. With that in mind, here are ten suggestions for Harvard-themed costumes that will help you showcase your school spirit. 1. John Adams, Class of 1755 If you have an old white wig lying around, now is the time to dust it off. 2. John Harvard's Boot Exactly like what it sounds like. Golden sheen is optional. 3. Jeremy Lin '10 Acquire a trio of Lin jerseys from his days with the Harvard Crimson, the New York Knicks, and the Houston Rockets, and go with a couple friends as the past, present, and future of Harvard's biggest sports star. Be sure to make jokes about taking your talents to Harvard Square.