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Visual Arts

Frame by Frame

It takes 10-20 hours of work to produce 2-3 seconds of animation. Though many students who wish to create animation professionally enroll in art schools, at Harvard a small group of students pursue animation via a track in the Visual and Environmental Studies Department—despite the massive time commitment—balancing their craft with a liberal arts education.

Admissions Question of the Day

Should your main essay be the Common App essay or the college essay?

The main essay that is read by all colleges you apply to through the Common Application is your Common App essay, so be sure to make this very strong and broadly applicable. The Common App essay is typically something that talks about your personal experiences, something that has happened in the past that has influenced you, for example.

Admissions Question of the Day

I will be visiting college campuses soon. Do I need to have on-campus interviews?

On-campus interviews are not required. In fact, there are a great deal of schools that do not offer them. Even those that do have on-campus interviews often do not have them year-round. In general, schools will contact you for alumni interviews in your area. Below is a list of some schools, broken down by whether or not they offer on-campus interviews:

Renewing Winthrop
House Life

Winthrop House To Be Renovated in 2016-2017

Winthrop’s planned renovation will follow a one-year break in House renewal construction following the renovation of Dunster House in 2014-2015, meaning that the 2015-2016 academic year will represent the first extended pause in the project.

Admissions Blog

How many people are accepted off the waitlist each year?

This number varies from school to school and from year to year—sometimes hundreds will be admitted, but sometimes none will. Harvard's dean of admissions, William Fitzsimmons, told The Crimson earlier this year that in recent years, Harvard has accepted between zero and 228 waitlisted students.


First H-Y Game in New Haven Since 2011 Accident To Feature Stricter Tailgating Rules

With kegs banned, U-Haul access restricted, and student tailgates housed on tennis courts, tailgating before this year’s Harvard-Yale football game in New Haven may look much as it does in Cambridge.

Admissions Blog

If I am planning on visiting a school, do I need to make reservations ahead of time?

Whether or not reservations are required varies by school—below is a breakdown of universities and their various policies regarding this topic. In general, it is important to look at the websites of universities you’d like to visit before you set foot on campus. Make sure that tours and information sessions are indeed being offered on the day that you are planning to be there—some colleges do not offer them every day of the week, and holidays might mean tours and information sessions are suspended.

Admissions Blog

What happens if I'm waitlisted?

After you have received all of your decisions, you should reflect upon the choices you have and decide a plan of action. It may be that you feel that the school(s) that waitlisted you are not worth pursuing; if that is the case, you should ask to be taken off the waitlist.

Admissions Blog

How to Choose a Teacher for a Recommendation Letter

It's always best to choose someone who really knows you, someone who has, perhaps, seen both your strengths and your weaknesses. Then, your teacher can attest to your strengths and maybe even write about times when you've overcome your weaknesses. If you choose someone who knows you on a superficial level just because you think they're considered to be the best teacher at your school, then you might not get the same in-depth recommendation letter that someone who knows you well can write.


Pforzheimer Resident Dean To Leave Harvard for Brandeis

Lisa M. Boes, resident dean of Pforzheimer House, will leave the College this fall for Brandeis University, where she will serve as dean of academic services starting in November.

Mental Health

Q&A: The Creative Supplement, Mental Health, and More

Is it risky to send in a creative writing supplement? If I have a mental illness, how should I factor that in when deciding what schools to apply to? What do Ivy League schools look for in an applicant other than grades and test scores?

House Life

New House Masters Reflect on First Month in Pforzheimer

On a boat cruise last month, sophomores in Pforzheimer House got the chance to mingle not only with other members of their class but also with two new residents of Pfoho—House Masters Anne Harrington ’82, a history of science professor, and her husband John R. Durant.

Step 4

Q&A: Sending Scores, Organizing Essays, and More

When should I start working on my essays? If I have a low AP score, do I still have to report it? Do you have any organizational tips for college applicants?

Weekend Morning Shuttles Return
Student Life

Shuttles To Resume Running on Weekend Mornings

The announcement reverses a 2009 cut that halted Quad shuttle service before noon on Saturdays and Sundays.

College Administration

Longtime Freshman Resident Dean Moves from FDO to University Hall

William Cooper ’94 has joined the Office of Student Life, where he will work with other administrators on Harvard’s more than $1 billion House renewal project.