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Boat Ed Sheeran Image

‘Boat’ Single Review: Guys, it Only Half-Sunked

In “Boat,” Sheeran leaves the listener craving more substance, emotional charge, and cohesion.

Eleganza 2023 Image
On Campus

Eleganza MMXXIII: ‘Rebirth’ Electrifies Crowds at Bright-Landry Hockey Center

The event drew resounding praise from the student crowd, some of whom traveled from the Boston area or further in order to see the show.

huprikar profile image

Artist Profile: Annika Huprikar on Film Scoring and Following Her Passions

Her energy and passion for music were striking as Huprikar remarked on her experience in her dual degree, and how she splits up her time.

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Shaich’s Stake in Tatte: Ex-Panera CEO’s Value-Based Investing Paradigm

Today, stepping into Tatte in Harvard Square feels different from entering a fast-food chain, even in bakery form.

Soft Apocalypse Cover Image

‘Soft Apocalypse’ Review: Love Conquers All in Leah Nieboer’s Neon Futuristic Dream Stream

Poet Leah Nieboer creates an eerie, neon-backlit, postmodern American universe, populated by characters who find solace and support in each other amidst a setting of pockmarked, post-industrial ruin.

Gare Saint-Lazare: Arrival of a Train

Our Favorite Art at Harvard

The best paintings take you by surprise.

Grolier Poetry Galleymore and Calvocoressi Photo

Reading at Grolier Poetry: Isabel Galleymore and Gabrielle Calvocoressi Create a Cistern of Tenderness

The space resembled a kind of cistern, in which Galleymore and Calvocoressi explored themes of animalism, absence, grief, wonder, and tenderness.