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Tamarra James-Todd

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Tamarra James-Todd on the Hidden Toxins in Black Hair Care

But with products filled with unpronounceable chemicals like linalool methylparaben and methylisothiazolinone, one might begin to wonder: What exactly are Black women putting in their hair, and what does it mean for their health?

Kate Smith 1

Up-Close and Personal with Painting Conservator Kate Smith

Her intimate proximity to paintings differs from the plebeian museum goer’s protocol: don’t-touch-don’t-blink-don’t-breathe-that-looks-expensive. For Smith, getting up close and personal with the artwork is necessary to conserve a piece while staying  true to the artist’s original artistic vision.

Modern Love

FMoments of Love 2023

This Valentine’s Day, we asked our writers and editors to write about something or someone they love — the lighthearted, the heartbreaking, the bittersweet, and everything in between. Here are their stories.

Bluebikes S&D 2
Around Town

Solving the Wheelie Hard Logistics of the Boston’s Bluebike System

Bluebikes — Greater Boston’s dock-based bikeshare system — was first installed in Cambridge in 2012. Now the fleet is over 4,000-strong, divided between more than 400 dock stations around Greater Boston and enabling residents to travel affordably and sustainably.

No One Leaves 1
The Scoop

To Be a Good Neighbor

At biweekly meetings, City Life/Vida Urbana members convene with residents and Project No One Leaves, a canvassing group led by Harvard Law School students, to address housing-related issues in the Boston area.

Prescott Street
The Scoop

The Fight to Save All of Cambridge's Trees

Some local activists are concerned that even with bolstered community support, Cambridge still lacks the infrastructure to fully take care of its trees.