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150 Years, 9 Lives: Stories from The Harvard Crimson

In truth, the legacy of The Crimson is not contained in books; it’s in the people who have sustained it. Here are just nine of them.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

Cambridge Charter Review Committee Split on City Manager Versus Mayor in Tuesday Meeting

The Cambridge Charter Review Committee met on Zoom this Tuesday to discuss changes to Cambridge’s plan of government, with members debating potential changes to the charter’s framework of city leadership.

Radcliffe Institute

Harvard Radcliffe Fellow Delivers Presentation on Fascism’s Roots in America

Radcliffe Fellow Omer Aziz, a lawyer and the former foreign policy adviser to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, discussed fascism in America at a Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies presentation Wednesday.

Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center
Harvard Kennedy School

Technology Experts Discuss Role of AI in Democracy at Harvard Kennedy School Talk

Former South Korean business minister Young-sun Park and social media CEO Will Hohyon Ryu discussed potential applications of artificial intelligence to democracy during a talk at Harvard Kennedy School Tuesday.

Barker Center

Academics Discuss Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Adaptation at Mahindra Humanities Center

University of Washington Bothell Earth Sciences professor Margaret H. Redsteer discussed the role of Indigenous knowledge in climate adaptation during a lecture hosted by the Mahindra Humanities Center on Thursday.

Rubenstein IOP

Harvard Corporation Member David Rubenstein Talks Public Service at Harvard IOP Forum

Philanthropist David M. Rubenstein — a member of the Harvard Corporation, the University’s highest governing body — discussed leadership lessons from his experience in private equity and public service at a Harvard Institute of Politics Forum Monday evening.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

CDC Specialist Discusses Evolution of HIV Prevention Campaign at Harvard School of Public Health Workshop

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention communications specialist Jo Ellen Stryker discussed the future of HIV prevention in a student workshop at the Harvard School of Public Health last Thursday.

Kate Smith 1

Up-Close and Personal with Painting Conservator Kate Smith

Her intimate proximity to paintings differs from the plebeian museum goer’s protocol: don’t-touch-don’t-blink-don’t-breathe-that-looks-expensive. For Smith, getting up close and personal with the artwork is necessary to conserve a piece while staying  true to the artist’s original artistic vision.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
The Scoop

Classrooms, Conversations, and Case Studies: Reshaping the Ethics of Education

Meira L. Levinson is the founder of EdEthics, an initiative that aims to develop a global field of educational ethics by creating case studies and professional development programs.

Salt Lake Temple

Leaving the Church, Keeping Its Ties

I have no idea why I chose to go back to Utah. When my parents called me a few weeks earlier and asked if I wanted a ticket, I said yes on autopilot. Later, I felt dishonest. I was embarrassed to be flying home for a religion I was supposed to have completely disavowed.

Earthling Ed Photo

Earthling Ed Photo

The writers pose for a picture with Earthling Ed.

Earthling Ed Photo

Meet Earthling Ed, That Vegan Educator

Winters’s style of activism focuses on drawing people — whether his students, the people he debates, or his viewers at home — into what he hopes are reasonable, logical, and understanding discussions about veganism.