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Bonnie Talbert and David Elmer

Fifteen Questions: David F. Elmer on Test Anxiety, ‘Percy Jackson,’ and His Favorite Harvard House

The Classics Chair and incoming Eliot House Dean sat down with FM to discuss ancient Greek literature, South Slavic oral traditions, and why he hasn’t read the bestselling Rick Riordan series.

Sungjoo Yoon '27

Getting to Know Sungjoo Yoon, the Datamatch Leaker

Sungjoo Yoon ’27 became a campus celebrity when he leaked a list of Rice Purity Test scores from freshmen’s private Datamatch profiles. But despite his newfound celebrity status, Yoon doesn’t see himself as the infamous “Datamatch Leaker.”

Adelaide E. Parker Portrait

Fixing Fraud in College Admissions

As college applications grow steadily more competitive, students have been pushed to ever-greater lengths to gain admission — including mounting pressures to embellish or outright falsify application data.

Charles River Esplanade views

Hacking Harvard Bridge with Oliver R. Smoot

As a pledge, the fraternity made Smoot lay down on the bridge over 300 times, painting ticks at each smoot. Almost 70 years later, the Smoot markings remain, allowing pedestrians to measure their journey in “smoots.” According to a sign on the bridge, Cambridge and Boston are exactly 364.4 smoots apart.

Creative writing competitions scrut cover graphic

Craft or Commodity? The ‘Paradox’ of High School Creative Writing Competitions

Creative writing contests aim to promote self expression and foster a new generation of artists. But does turning creative writing into a competition for admissions erode its artistic purpose?

Adelaide E. Parker Portrait

Harvard Should Step in Before Its Next Student Financial Scandal

Harvard’s insistence on club autonomy has become a shield to avoid implementing expensive, but necessary, accountability measures.

Harvard Law School
Harvard Law School

Law Firm Edelson PC to Stop Campus Recruiting From Harvard Law School Over Gay’s Congressional Testimony

The law firm Edelson PC will no longer participate in on-campus recruiting at Harvard Law School in protest of University President Claudine Gay’s controversial congressional testimony, the firm’s CEO Jay Edelson announced Thursday.


Henry Kissinger ’50 Remembered As Deft Strategist, Both Celebrated and Reviled on Harvard’s Campus

Henry A. Kissinger ’50, one of the most celebrated and condemned statesmen of the 20th century, died on Nov. 29 in his Connecticut home. He was 100.

Harvard Yard University Hall

12 Harvard Affiliates Named Schwarzman Scholars, Marking the University’s Highest Number of Awardees Ever

Twelve Harvard students and alumni were selected as Schwarzman scholars on Wednesday, representing Harvard’s largest cohort since the scholarship’s founding in 2015.

alex wright
Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Biggest Risk-Taker: Alex Wright

Alex says taking risks puts life into perspective. “It’s really hard to get super stressed about a pset when you’re like, ‘No one’s gonna die, all my friends are safe. I’m not in imminent risk.’”

Widener Library
The Scoop

Balancing Acts: Coordination Difficulties in Harvard's Music Dual Degree Programs

Though dual enrollment students value the opportunity to combine studying music with their other academic interests, they also cite issues with the structures of their programs. Students say that there are difficulties with coordinating schedules between the two schools, transportation costs and financial aid, and feeling socially disconnected.

Moakley Courthouse
Harvard Business School

Judge to Rule on Whether Claims in $25M Lawsuit by Harvard Prof. Francesca Gino Will Proceed

Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino’s $25 million lawsuit will face its first major hurdle, with a federal judge set to rule on the motions to dismiss her claims filed by the University and quantitative analysis blog Data Colada.

Klarman Hall at the Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School Students Put Forth Sustainability Solutions at Annual Climate Symposium

The Harvard Business School’s annual student-run Climate Symposium drew more than 500 attendees to Klarman Hall and raised more than $100,000 over Nov. 18 and 19.

Lowell Exterior

Phi Beta Kappa Elects ‘Senior 48’ from Harvard Class of 2024

Forty-eight Harvard College seniors received invitations Monday to join Harvard’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most esteemed academic honor society in the country.

International Student Visas Graphic
The Scoop

Optional Practical Training, But A Compelled Concentration Choice

“If it wasn’t for the STEM OPT and I didn’t have to worry about work visas or anything at all, I would have done Hist and Lit or History and done a secondary in something else,” Sunshine Chen ’27 says. Instead, she is considering adding Economics as a double concentration.