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Dear Junior Year Cover

Dear Junior Year

My grief didn’t shrink — I don’t know that it ever will — but my heart expanded.

henry haimo and tobias benn 1
Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Most Iconic Duo: Henry Haimo and Tobias Benn

Across the table, the two look like mirror images: both have glasses and curly hair and proper collegiate New England outfits, Tobias in a collared shirt and Henry in a sweater. In fact, they tell me that they’ve been mistaken for brothers.

Around Town

Crawling for Journalism

What if The Crimson did a crawl? A bar crawl? What if we gave the people what they wanted: an investigative report on the Cambridge going out scene for college students? Fine, we commit.

Jocelyn Viterna Portrait
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Jocelyn Viterna on El Salvador, Abortion Bans, and Finding Patterns

FM sat down with sociologist Jocelyn Viterna to talk about her research into gender politics and reproductive justice in El Salvador. “If a social movement is not based in actually changing the hearts and minds and practices of individuals, then I think it’s always going to be vulnerable,” she says.

summer away from home introspections

A Summer Far From Home

I thought maybe this was just it. About how after graduation, we’re left with the rest of life — running through these days, decisions unserious and significant, one after another, guessing, astonished and grateful for the world.

Dear Sophomore Year Cover

Dear Sophomore Year

What’s left after loss is not nothing. What’s left after loss is love.



What’s left after loss is not nothing. What’s left after loss is love. (And his favorite mug.)

Venn Diagram Image

Venn Diagram: Dhall Crush, Cascada's 'Everytime We Touch'

without you it's hard to survive

Venn Diagram Image

Venn Diagram Image

Joe Harris 15Q
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Joe Harris ’72 on Math 55, the Dudley Co-op, and Failure

The mathematician sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss Math 55’s notorious reputation and his own experience at Harvard. “In math, it’s rare that you would decide to fix on a specific concrete goal, and then either achieve it or not,” he says. “Usually, it’s a matter of exploration.”

Manja 15Q Portrait
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Manja Klemenčič on Student Agency, Pre-Professionalism, and Small Acts of Kindness

The sociologist sat down with FM to discuss the most pressing issues in higher education today and student agency, even in the smallest acts. “You don’t need to change the entire world already while you’re at Harvard,” she says. “You can do small things every day and that matters also.”

Modern Love

FMoments of Love 2023

This Valentine’s Day, we asked our writers and editors to write about something or someone they love — the lighthearted, the heartbreaking, the bittersweet, and everything in between. Here are their stories.

HSHS Scrutling 4
The Scoop

Dying Without Identification in Harvard Square

What exactly happens to an unhoused person if they die, unidentified, in the state of Massachusetts?

Prisons scrut cover

'Termite Justice': Prison Justice Advocacy, Within and Outside Harvard's Gates

Whether Harvard has an obligation to educate students about mass incarceration — and how it should do so — is a question that looms large.

harvard yale in/out graphic

In: Harvard/Out: Yale

This week, as the pre-Thanksgiving break assignments pile up and the sky fades into a daunting darkness before dinnertime, only one thing manages to pierce through the clouds of students’ burnout and exhaustion: a rowdy anticipation for the annual Harvard-Yale football game.