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playground 7
Around Town

The Universal Design Playground — A Space for Children of All Abilities to Play

With its grand opening in December 2021, the playground is the first in Cambridge to fully incorporate Universal Design — the concept that an entire play structure should be accessible for all.

Aliyah Collins

Aliyah Collins Is Eco-Healing

Collins founded the Eco-Healing Project last fall to “help HBCU students heal and recover from the impact of climate disasters.”

wimmins comix

(Comic) Stripping Down the Patriarchy

These scenes are from the panels in “Breaking Out,” one of the stories in the July 1970 edition of “It Ain’t Me Babe Comix,” in which popular female comic characters revolt against the men dominating their lives and defy their creators. The “uprooted sisters” team up “into small groups not unlike witch covens” and go picketing for women’s history and self-defense classes. They consider if they should “take that acid we’ve been saving and commune with the moon,” while Supergirl frees the inmates of a women’s prison.

Pole Dancing Club
Around Town

Stripped Down: A Look Inside the Harvard Undergraduate Pole Dancing Club

The newly formed Harvard Undergraduate Pole Dancing Club seeks to "empower" its members, particularly people from "historically disempowered identities."

The Scoop

A Centuries-Old Papier-Mâché Octopus Swims Northwest, Finds a “A Second Life”

After decades of collecting dust in a Harvard Museum of Natural History classroom, a life-size papier-mâché model of an octopus has found a new home. With each of its looping tentacles stretching out about eight feet, it lies suspended above a grand staircase in the spacious, modern, glassy foyer of Harvard’s Northwest Building, home to labs, classrooms, and offices for Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Prisons scrut cover

'Termite Justice': Prison Justice Advocacy, Within and Outside Harvard's Gates

Whether Harvard has an obligation to educate students about mass incarceration — and how it should do so — is a question that looms large.

No One Leaves 1
The Scoop

To Be a Good Neighbor

At biweekly meetings, City Life/Vida Urbana members convene with residents and Project No One Leaves, a canvassing group led by Harvard Law School students, to address housing-related issues in the Boston area.

Bryn Mawr Bookstore 2
Around Town

Putting Used Books to Use

The bookstore is home to thousands of used, rare, and out-of-print books, the purchases of which fund scholarships for its namesake, Bryn Mawr College.


Fleeting Connections with George D. Vaill, the Free Advice Guy

Vaill says the questions people ask range from lighthearted to weighty. He’s often asked things like, “What are you doing here?” “How should I handle my blind date tonight?” “How do I find a boy?” “Should I change my major?”

Lise Van Susteren

Amplifying Anxieties: Climate Disruption’s Effects on Mental Health

“We really don’t need fancy studies,” she adds. “All we really need is common sense.”

Massachusetts State House
The Scoop

Tenants Demand Housing Rights in Massachusetts

As COVID-19 housing protections are phased out, Boston activists took to the street to advocate for an extension to the eviction moratorium and more support for struggling renters.

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
Around Town

A Win-Win for Harvard Square Homeless Shelter

Only a week after the Covid-19 shutdown on March 17, 2020, the city of Cambridge started a restaurant shelter meals program, partnering with local food establishments to provide meals to people experiencing homelessness throughout the public health crisis. The program has expanded from eight sites around the city of Cambridge to 17 meal locations, one of which is HSHS.