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"Monetero (Call Me By Your Name)" still

What the Hell Happened: Lil Nas X Starts A Culture War

Chock-full of Biblical allusions and references to Lil Nas X’s own sexual experiences with a man, the song and accompanying music video seem designed to elicit religious conservative outrage.

"Ammonite" Still

‘Ammonite’ Review: Francis Lee’s Barebones Beauty

It hits all the right marks — the cinematography is stunning, the acting is superb, the script sparse but beautiful. But ultimately, its emotional core leaves viewers unfulfilled.

'Through the Baleen' Still

‘Through the Baleen’ Review: Who Does Confusion Like Chris Fleming?

Fleming's awkwardness is so intense that it twists back around into confidence.

JoJo Siwa

Rainbows All The Way Down: JoJo Siwa and the Art of Joy

Joelle Joanie Siwa announced to the world (or, well, to TikTok) her membership in the LGBT+ community.

Dragon Mama

‘Dragon Mama’ is a One-Woman Feat

A soft plucky guitar fills the speakers. After a moment, it’s replaced by a rush of wind, accompanied by birdsong. “Thanks for choosing to be here,” proclaims the screen. “Hold onto your butts.”

"Horsepower" cover art

‘Horsepower’ Marches to Its Own Beat

The whole of “Horsepower” is shot through with a strange, buzzing nostalgia.

Four "Calvin and Hobbes" books

The Escapist Tragedy of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’

In the midst of immense global uncertainty, “Calvin and Hobbes” remains terrifying — and strangely reassuring.

Tom Rogers Still

Portrait of an Artist: Tom Rogers ’84

Tom Rogers ’84 came into his senior year of high school thinking he wanted to be a physicist. Now, after a nine-year stint as a staff writer for Disney animated television, he has a Daytime Emmy to his name for “Elena of Avalor,” a book titled “Eleven,” and a whole host of awards for his various movies.

"The Deviant's War: The Homosexual vs. The United States of America" cover art

‘The Deviant’s War’: A Portrait of the Activist as a Young Man

Anyone wishing to be informed on gay life in Washington, D.C. and the seemingly endless deluge of court cases for gay rights in America should look no further. The rest should proceed with an open mind.

Ammonite Beach Still

‘Ammonite’ vs. ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’: A Story in Three Checklists

One minute into the “Ammonite” trailer and any person lucky enough to have watched “Portrait” and still have a working brain may wonder if they haven’t seen something like this before.

A still from FLETCHER's "Sex With My Ex" music video

“THE S(EX) TAPES” Delivers On Its Promise

How do you get over a breakup? If you’re a lesbian, you’ll probably make a piece of art with your ex.

Fall Playlist Leaves Still

Arts Playlist: The Optimist's Guide to Fall 2020

As swimsuits are stowed away, trees burst into reds and golds, and the sultry living scent of leaves turn to mulch, here are 10 songs for fall 2020.