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ImprovBoston Surprises With Music, Laughs

The cast members deftly incorporate audience suggestions and clearly have good chemistry.

Whitney White as "Woman" in "Macbeth in Stride"

‘Macbeth in Stride’ Review: A Cautionary Tale, Reimagined

"Macbeth in Stride" has successfully reimagined its iconic female lead — a figure long used to insult ambitious women — as an empowering character relatable to marginalized audiences.

"We Keep the Dead Close"  cover art

‘We Keep the Dead Close’: A Dense, Twisting Harvard Murder Mystery

"We Keep the Dead Close” is part true crime mystery, part memoir, and part academic history all wrapped into one expansive narrative that spans nearly 50 years.

"Godshot" cover art

‘Godshot’ Falls Short of Glory

“Godshot” is written with consistent and competent execution, but it doesn’t grab the reader’s attention.

'The Half of It' Still

‘The Half of It’ Overflows with Heart

There is not much uncharted ground to cover in the realm of high school coming of age stories, but the new Netflix original film “The Half of It” manages to subvert expectations at every turn.

"Les Misérables" Still

Arts Playlist: Songs to Embrace Your Quarantine Loneliness

Blast these songs as you stay inside to linger in your newfound loneliness or reflect back on the good old days, when the furthest distance you had to traverse to see your friends was from the River the Quad.

'Love is Blind' Still

Unpopular Opinion: 'Love is Blind''s Premise is Terrible for Real Relationships

This notion is constantly repeated throughout the show — either make a permanent commitment or walk away completely.

DCOM Logo still

Top Five: Disney Channel Original Movies That Defined Your Childhood

Several DCOMs rose above the persistent mediocrity of made-for-TV movies to become true cultural landmarks of our generation.

bombshell still

‘Bombshell’ Breaks Down in Execution of Complex Story

While the film features several compelling performances and competent worldbuilding, it is burdened by its pacing and incomplete character arcs.

Hawkins Fuller (Jesse Blumberg, R.) teases Timothy Laughlin (Jesse Darden L.) about his letter in Boston Lyric Opera’s production of “Fellow Travelers”

Modern American History Meets Opera in ‘Fellow Travelers’

Effectively utilizing the DC backdrop, "Fellow Travelers" personifies the suspicion and mayhem of the McCarthy era through a compelling love story.

The White Man's Guide to the White Male Writers of the Western Canon Cover

‘The White Man’s Guide to the White Male Writers of the Western Canon’ Seeks Chuckles From A Niche Audience

“The White Man’s Guide to the White Male Writers of the Western Canon” delivers just about exactly what one would expect.

'White Snake' still

‘White Snake’ Slithers on Without a Bite

It’s hard to pin down the best way to describe “White Snake”: a modern take on a Chinese legend or a Chinese “Frozen”?

Queer Eye Still

What the Hell Happened: ‘Queer Eye’ Takes Tokyo

On Oct. 7, Netflix released a trailer for “Queer Eye: We’re in Japan,” a special four-episode season based in Tokyo set to be released on Nov. 1.

The Purists still

‘The Purists’ is Grounded, Human, and Unresolved

“The Purists” is a gripping story of music, change, and human connection, steeped in hip hop culture with several impressive rap performances.

Obama "Hamilton" Still

Top Five ‘Hamilton’ Covers and Deleted Songs

Even though it’s been nearly five years since “Hamilton: An American Musical” premiered, the masterpiece that redefined modern musical theater has been a gift that keeps on giving.