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Porn Endpaper Illustration

If All Space Were Safe Space

I have encountered this feeling in somewhat unconventional spaces: directing a porn film in an artist loft in Oakland, Calif., cheering from the audience as a woman reclaimed her sexuality in orgasm on a New York City stage, and participating in a “sex magic ritual” in a kinky mansion in the heart of New Orleans.

Raahil M. Sha Wearing Headset

Raahil M. Sha

By shortening surgery time, Sha explains, these headsets allow the procedures to be done more safely and with less anesthesia, resulting in quicker recoveries, and limiting potential complications. He knows this because he’s seen it work.


Not So Empty

“So,” she says, sensing me approach from behind, her nose one inch from a hanging wool rug she is examining for snags. “You want to write your thesis about what?!”

Professor Joshua W. Buckholtz

Joshua W. Buckholtz

"I have an opportunity to tell a bunch of people things that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, and maybe make their lives and the lives of the people around them a little bit easier," says Joshua W. Buckholtz. "What more could a professor ask for?

Bill Oliverio Securitas

On the Lookout: Securitas

Oliverio says he can easily tell when a student has had a rough week. Spotting differences in moods and mannerisms is how he’s able to keep a lookout for the welfare of his “kids—I call them kids,” he says. “Sometimes they get offended when I call them that.”



Val's Family


The Word: Color

The questions that most other applicants probably answered so quickly and mindlessly were the ones that held me up longest.


On Harvard Time: When Harvard Sold the Time

The year was 1839. William Cranch Bond was a clockmaker and astronomer living in Dorchester, Mass. Bond had been commissioned by the United States government under Captain Charles Wilkes to conduct measurements of longitude and “other scientific purposes” for the Navy’s Exploring Expedition of the Pacific Ocean.


Bruck by Lightning: A Conversation on Randomness and Capital Punishment

David I. Bruck’s efforts to drive out the death penalty as punishment have consumed his legal career and helped satisfy his hunger for opposition. Bruck believes it’s just a matter of time before capital punishment is outlawed.

Sex Week 2016
Gender and Sexuality

Let's Talk About Sex (Week)

Between “Reclaiming Your Body,” “Busting Sexual Stereotypes,” and “Party in your Pants,” Sex Week strived to cover all the bases—pun intended.

Born to Run

Endpaper: Like Father, Like Daughter

An ignorant passerby might wonder what on Earth could possibly attract so many eager line-waiters so early in the morning. But for us, the Harvard Coop’s book-signing event for Springsteen’s autobiography, “Born to Run,” is an opportunity to meet, even for a mere 15 seconds, the man who supported us through life’s highs and lows.


Jukebox: Songs for the Revolution

Listen to these tunes while you read this week’s scrutiny. John Reed would approve.

Capodilupo gestures at the WHOOP office

WHOOP, There It Is

On any given morning, a WHOOP user may wake up to a high green score—a “go-ahead” for practices and competitions—or a “no-go” low red score.

Norman Storer

Winter is Here: The Freshman with the Jon Snow Cloak

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Norman R. Storer ’19 is often spotted on campus (and, occasionally, on the Ivy League Snapstory) wearing a long black cloak, resembling that of Jon Snow from the television series “Game of Thrones.”

Rigo, "the Market guy"
Food and Drink

Behind the Counter

His name is Rigo, he works the night shift, and he is Instagram famous.