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SEAS Expects Increase in Concentrators, Strives for Greater Diversity in School Makeup

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is projected to see increased numbers of undergraduate concentrators when sophomores declare their fields of study on Nov. 17, continuing a trend of fast growth since 2007.


SEAS Finalizes List of Academic Areas Moving to Allston

Four teaching areas as well as the soft materials and robotics units make up the final list of groups that will move to Allston.

Higher Education

Teachers in Training: Launching the First Class of Harvard Teacher Fellows

The Harvard Teacher Fellows program, a teacher training initiative centered at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, prepares aspiring educators to teach in under-resourced urban schools. The program recently selected its inaugural cohort of 20 fellows.


Inaugural Class of Harvard Teachers Fellows Selected

​Following a rigorous application process, 20 Harvard seniors will make up the inaugural class of the Harvard Teachers Fellows program.

Meena K. Boppana
Student Groups

Gender Inclusivity in Math Group Kicks Off Speaker Series

Three students co-founded the group to continue confronting gender-based challenges in the field.

Corn Shucking

Market Attracts Customers to Science Center Plaza

From fresh produce to mini cheesecakes, the variety of merchandise at the Harvard Farmers' Market attracted numerous University affiliates, Cambridge residents, and tourists despite the balmy weather that at times reached 90 degrees.

Andrew W. Murray

New Intensive Integrated Life Sciences Course Launches

The course will serve as the academic equivalent of four individual courses and incorporates biology, chemistry, math, computing, and physics into a life sciences curriculum.

Nebula Magnetic Fields

Study Supports Role of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation

By measuring the orientation of magnetic field lines on a variety of scales in the Cat’s Paw Nebula, scientists found that magnetic field direction is well preserved through different spatial scales.

Sciences Division

Long-Time EPS Professor Richard O’Connell Dies at 73

Colleagues and students recall the positive impact that Earth and Planetary Sciences professor Richard O’Connell has left on his field and acquaintances.

Women in Math
Student Groups

Panel Discusses Gender Gap in Harvard Math Department

Female mathematicians discussed ways to alleviate the potential barriers facing women in math at the College at a panel discussion, which was organized by the Harvard Undergraduate Mathematics Association on Wednesday evening.

Alyssa A. Goodman

Astronomy Professor Goodman Named Scientist of the Year

Astronomy professor Alyssa A. Goodman is the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations’ 2015 Scientist of the Year.

On Genetics and Population Bottlenecks

Lecturer Examines Evolution 70,000 Years After Volcanic Eruption

Stanley H. Ambrose, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, lectured on the behavioral differences between modern humans and Neanderthals, and the implication of those differences in the context of environmental degradation more than 70,000 years ago.


BGLTQ Student Life Office Launches QuNNECT

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life opened registration last week for QuNNECT, a peer-to-peer program that aims to foster friendships among BGLTQ-identified students.


In Keynote, Activist Details His Undocumented Experience

The talk by immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas served as the keynote address for the 13th annual Alumni of Color Conference.


Scientists Map out Bubbly Interior of a Nearby Former Star

A group of astronomers produced a three-dimensional map of a supernova's interior.