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Ethnic Studies Demonstrators on Steps of University Hall
Student Groups

Harvard Affiliates Attend Ethnic Studies Organizing Summit, Hoping to Energize Advocacy

More than 50 Harvard students and affiliates gathered in Boylston Hall on Saturday for an inaugural organizing summit on ethnic studies, hosted by members of the Harvard Ethnic Studies Coalition.

Narcan to be Available at Harvard Square MBTA Station
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Amid Boston Overdose Crisis, a Pair of Harvard Students Are Bringing Narcan to the Red Line

Sajeev S. Kohli ’23 and Jay P. Garg ’24 launched a project to provide three boxes of Narcan at every MBTA Red Line station as part of a 12 to 18-month pilot study. The state legislature voted in July to commit $95,000 in funding to its implementation along the Red Line.

Harvard Undergraduate Tibetan Cultural Association Trip
Student Groups

Harvard Undergrad Tibetan Cultural Association Visits Tibetan Diaspora in India

Nine Harvard students from the Harvard Undergraduate Tibetan Cultural Association traveled to India this summer break, marking the first time a campus group has been awarded a grant by the Harvard University Asia Center to learn about Tibetan culture and history.

Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center
Student Groups

Dozens of Student Editors for Harvard Kennedy School Policy Journals Call on Dean to Reinstate Their Publications

Dozens of students affiliated with the Harvard Kennedy School’s student-run policy journals signed on to an open letter last week calling on HKS Dean Douglas W. Elmendorf to reinstate 14 student policy journals as independent student organizations.

HKS Diversity Course
Student Groups

Harvard Kennedy School Will Merge its Student-Run Policy Journals. Some Student Editors Say They Won’t Return.

Harvard Kennedy School will eliminate its 14 student-run policy journals and consolidate them under one umbrella “HKS Student Policy Review,” a decision that has led to concern among some current and former HKS students.

Senior Director of the Harvard Foundation Sadé Abraham
Student Groups

Harvard Foundation Senior Director Sadé Abraham Departs Harvard for MIT

Sadé Abraham — senior director of the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations — is departing Harvard and will become MIT’s inaugural associate dean of advising and student belonging, the College announced last week.

President Gay Speaks to Students at Ice Cream Social
Student Groups

Cool Desserts, Hot Issues: Protesters for Harvard Ethnic Studies Department Disrupt President Gay’s Ice Cream Social

Demonstrators rallying in support of creating an ethnic studies department at Harvard disrupted an ice cream social in Harvard Yard hosted Tuesday afternoon by University President Claudine Gay.

Great Grape Debate

Sour Grapes: Harvard Students Pound the Table Over Table Grape Boycott

On Dec. 3, 1997, Harvard College undergraduates gathered at the polls to vote on the fate of a small but powerful presence of Sunday brunch: grapes.

Denaming Graphic

With Winthrop and Sackler, Harvard Faces Denaming Dilemma

Over the past few years, the Arthur M. Sackler Museum and Building, Winthrop House, and Mather House have all been subject to calls for denaming due to the legacies of their namesakes. Now, for the first time, the Univeristy is officially considering requests for renaming proposals, but students and alumni remain split on what should be done.

SOCH Graphic

When Harvard’s Clubs Become Companies

While most clubs advertise opportunities to find social connection or gain pre-professional experience, a small-but-growing number of student organizations boast perks and resources more akin to those of small corporations — including themed apparel, glamorous formal events, all-expenses-paid travel, financial aid, and six-figure budgets.

Harvard Law School
Student Groups

Amid Intense Internal Dispute, Harvard Graduate Council Votes to Remove Finance Chair, Alleging Misconduct

During the HGC’s final general meeting of the year on April 17, the student body that represents Harvard’s 12 graduate and professional schools voted to remove outgoing finance chair Mir Jahanzeb “M.J.” Mehdi and disqualify him from serving on the council in the future.

Dean Rakesh Khurana Class Day 2022
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Harvard College Dean Khurana Defends Decision to Charge Students for Commencement Housing

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana defended the College’s decision to begin charging students for Commencement housing in an interview Friday.

Harvard Kennedy School
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Harvard Kennedy School Leadership Commits to Emotional Well-Being Training for Course Assistants, Teaching Fellows

Leaders of the Harvard Kennedy School told students they plan to implement emotional well-being training for teaching fellows and course assistants in the next academic year.

Lev Swatting Rally 1
Student Groups

After Meeting with Harvard Admin on ‘Swatting’ Attack, Black Student Leaders Say Demands Remain Unanswered

Senior Harvard administrators did not agree to the demands of Black student leaders during an hourlong conversation Friday about the University’s response to the Leverett House “swatting” attack but pledged to meet with the students again, according to three people at the meeting.

Tercentenary Theatre Commencement Preparation

Harvard Charges Student Groups Up to Thousands for Commencement Housing, Sparking Outcry

Harvard is set to charge student groups requesting Commencement housing from Harvard up to thousands of dollars in a marked shift from previous policy, which allowed student groups to stay for free.