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Barbara Walters at the IOP

Walters Shares Details of Interviews, Success

Barbara Walters discussed her personal life and path to success in a conversation with David Gergen at the Institute of Politics on Tuesday.

#emBODYindia gallery
Student Groups

emBODYindia Aims To Spark Dialogue

The photo campaign aims to change the pervasive mindset in India that leads to objectification and violation of women, organizers said, opening dialogue in India about taboo subjects surrounding sex.

Harvard Kennedy School

Shorenstein Center Names Four Spring Fellows

The fellows will spend the semester researching and writing a paper on a topic of their choice.


Perspectives on Divest Harvard and Why They Won’t Give Up

Members of Divest Harvard, the student group currently spearheading the divestment movement, say that President Faust's letter reaffirming Harvard's anti-divestment stance serves as a source of motivation, rather than discouragement.


Protest Targets Bank of America

Minutes into a Bank of America recruiting session for Harvard College students on Monday, a group of students ran to the front of the room and pulled out a banner that read: “We Won’t Work for Climate Chaos.”


Low Fiber Linked to Disease Risks

Those who consume low amounts of fiber in their diets have a higher risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular inflammation, according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Medicine.


Restaurateurs Share Stories at Leadership Panel

At a panel event Monday night, owners of four local restaurants in Massachusetts shared their stories of working from the bottom up and entering the food industry from unrelated fields.


Stanford Students Swap Secretions

It appears that Stanford students are bad at kissing. At least bad at kissing without infecting the entire student body in the process. Yes, it seems that germs are running rampant over on the West Coast, where the Stanford tradition of "Full Moon on the Quad" (imagine Incest Fest for the whole school) has exposed undergraduates to the risk of campus-wide flu and mononucleosis epidemics. Smh, Stanford.

Harvard Kennedy School

Senior Vice-Minister Discusses Japan's Economy at Harvard Kennedy School

Japan’s Senior Vice-Minister of the Cabinet Office Yasutoshi Nishimura emphasized the need to revitalize Japan’s stagnating economy and explained the different components of “Abenomics”—Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan for economic revitalization—to Harvard affiliates Saturday afternoon.

Student Groups

Students Attend 'Lean In On Campus' Launch Viewing Party

A crowd of students gathered in the Student Organization Center at Hilles on Monday to watch a live video stream of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl K. Sandberg ’91 at a viewing party to launch her “Lean In on Campus Campaign.” Co-hosted by Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business, the Harvard College Women’s Center, and The Seneca, Inc., the event engaged a room full of Harvard students as well as thousands of students from more than 150 campuses around the world through virtual connections.


Want Bigger Attendance at Your Event? Make Sure You Advertise the Free Food

Only three students attended a discussion last week with Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith about what they want to see in the next Dean of the College. It was on a Thursday night, and it was in the Quad, but that’s still pretty embarrassing. Flyby put together some suggestions for administrators to keep in mind for future events if they want to attract some student attendance.


Panelists Propose 2016 Presidential Election Candidates

Over three years before the next presidential election, panelists at the JFK Jr. Forum said the race is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s to lose because no other Democrats are as popular as she is and the Republican Party is not unified.

Jonathan Alter
On Campus

Jonathan Alter Shares Insight on Obama, Media

Jonathan Alter ’79 entertained a group of Harvard students on Thursday with colorful stories of recent presidential campaigns and the personal life of President Obama, explaining that our president is “fundamentally different in private and public.”


HBS Professors Investigate Faked Positive Yelp Reviews

The study found that small independent companies are the most likely type of business to solicit faked positive reviews on the popular review website.