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John Glenn and the Limits of Possibility

Glenn was a lionhearted warrior, an undaunted explorer, and a judicious statesman. He was a hero in traditional modes perhaps unrivaled by any American in the last century.

#emBODYindia gallery
Harvard in the World

Student-Led 'emBODYindia' Campaign Sparks International Discourse

The Harvard U.S. India Initiative’s “emBODYindia” campaign published its first post at midnight on Thursday, and fewer than twenty four hours later, is already attracting international attention.

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#emBODYindia gallery

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Penn Students Create, Misspell Frat Jacket

Was their first choice domain name already taken? Did they think no one would notice? Were Caroline and Melissa at a frat party when they named their company? Does Penn teach spelling?

College Life

Harvard Has A Fight Song?

If you knew Harvard has a fight song, you’re a step ahead of most of the writers on the Flyby Blog. Do you know the lyrics, though?

Responding to Drug Use
Flyby Front Feature

Harvard Potheads: Then and Now

The field guide to marijuana culture at Harvard.

q guide scale
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Hot-Crazy Scale: Q Guide Edition

It’s often difficult to make sense of the Q, Harvard’s rating system for workload and satisfaction of classes based on evaluations from former students. What does a 3.48 workload actually mean? Should I take a class with a 1.98 workload burden even if I won’t get satisfaction from taking it?

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Oh, I’m (Fill in the Blank) This Summer

Over the summer, some students will have internships with leading innovators, like SpaceX or Facebook. Some will take on world-changing service projects. Others will work to save up for the busy school year. Others yet will… well… not be doing such amazing, life-changing things. Here’s Flyby’s guide to describing your not-so-thrilling summer plans.

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Confessions of a Harvard “Beez-er”

"One of the best places to beez is the open air because the chilly windst will augment the effects of beez. Longtime beez-ers refer to this as the 'beez and freeze.'"

Student Groups

Mock Trial Wraps Up Successful but Heart-Wrenching Season

Just months after losing one of its members in a fatal car crash, the Harvard Mock Trial team finished third at American Mock Trial Association Nationals last week, bringing one of the team’s most successful seasons to a close.

hemenway by the fountain

Hemenway’s Short Stories: By the Fountain

As he drank water from the fountain he thought of the girl at the front desk. She was young and strong and wore a red “Hemenway Gymnasium” shirt. He smiled at her when she swiped his I.D. card, but they never spoke.

Student Life

How To Guarantee 2018 Facebook Page Fame

Here’s some advice on how to get ahead of the curve and become a celebrity on campus without ever leaving your bedroom.


Reasons You Shouldn't Go To Harvard

7 reasons you should definitely stay away from this hellhole.

Ivy screenshot
Student Life

“IVY” Recap: Tangled and Tumultuous

This week, the student-produced television show “Ivy” released its first episode. A ruminative and extremely hip examination of the tangled and existentially tumultuous lives of five Harvard sophomores, the series is heavy on noteworthy tropes and funny little morsels. We've assigned points to both the revelatory and ridiculous moments in this week’s message from the existentially grappling youths of “Ivy.”