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Tony Kushner 15Q
On Campus

8 Questions with Tony Kushner

“You want the ideas to be fluid and dialectical, dangerous.”


15 Questions with Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood takes her seat behind a desk in a back room of First Parish Church. She has 30 minutes until her sold-out Harvard Book Store reading—and hundreds of books to transform into retail-ready Signed Copies before she can begin. She gets to work.

River houses

Welcome Home

In honor of Housing Day, FM takes a look at what makes Harvard Houses tick.


So You Think You Can Tutor?

“If you were going to an LGBT drag party, who would you dress up as?”

Fifteen Questions

15 Questions with George Saunders

George Saunders’s “Tenth of December,” his latest short story collection, was hailed as “the best thing you’ll read this year” on the cover of The New York Times Magazine. FM sat down for 15 questions with him about writing and fiction.

Around Town

Do You Need the Degree?

It was the night before the CS50 final project was due, and Nikhil L. Benesch ’16 was in high demand. In his first semester at Harvard, Benesch had already skipped CS50, the intro-level computer science class, and advanced to more challenging material. His freshmen friends had—predictably—come begging for help.

For The Moment

Hey, Professor!

Last week, Harvard PhD candidate Viridiana Rios and the Kennedy school’s Michele Coscia, a post-doc fellow at the Center for International Development, unveiled a new program that sorts through Google news results to track the movement of drug cartels in Mexico.


Congressman Discusses Campaign Finance Reform

Democratic Congressman John P.S. Sarbanes discussed the dangers of money to democracy and his efforts to change campaign finance system.


John Carr

In this mini-series, Flyby profiles one of the seven fall 2012 IOP Fellows each week. This week: John Carr. "I don't feel at home in the political status quo," John Carr said. "My priorities are questions of human life and dignity, and those don't seem to be priorities of either party. I'm politically homeless." Carr, who worked as a Catholic policy advisor for over three decades, may have been "homeless" in Washington D.C., but this fall as a fellow at the Institute of Politics, he said he feels at home. "The IOP is such a welcoming place from the moment you arrive," he said.


On the Phone With Composer J. Michael Friedman ’97

From the backseat of a cab traversing a Sandy-stricken New York City, Obie Award-winning composer and lyricist J. Michael Friedman ’97 picks up the phone to dial Fifteen Minutes.

For The Moment

A Close Reading For the Social Media Age

FM is here to find (or construct) meaning for the conventions of these destabilizing times.

On Campus

Two New Ghost Tour Companies Swoop into Cambridge

Harvard is haunted. Or at least, that’s what two separate companies claim in their guided ghost tours of Harvard’s campus.

IOP Fellow Nina Easton

Nina J. Easton

"Presidential coverage used to be very serious endeavor," said self-described pundit Nina Easton from behind her desk at the Kennedy School's Institute of Politics. "There still are pockets of that attitude, especially among old school vets, but the culture is to get [the news] out there fast."

Stacked Book Poetry
In The Meantime

Past Tense: Banned Books at Harvard

“…The mercenary process of producing and distributing obscene literature is immoral and noxious, is an offense against civilized society, is ...


New Dinosaur Species Lurked in Harvard Back Room for Decades

Before he trekked around the globe unearthing fossils as a University of Chicago paleontologist and "National Geographic" explorer-in-residence, Paul C. Sereno excavated piles of long-forgotten rocks in the back rooms of Harvard's Natural History Museum. It was there that he discovered the Pegomastax africanus, a new species of dinosaur in the heterodontosaurus genus. After decades of research, he unveiled the new dinosaur last week in the online journal "ZooKeys."