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Memory May Influence Motivation, Research Suggests

Motivation in rats is influenced not only by their most recent experiences, but also by a series of recent experiences, according to a recent study by a team of Harvard biology researchers.


A TV series that always pays its debts

In an audience of fans—of both the novels and the program—it would be hard to find a person left unenthused by the next installment of the saga.

On Campus

CUPSI Showcase Slams Audience with Emotion

As evidenced by the avid vocalizations of the audience members and their apparent zeal for the performances, it is apparent that the early years of spoken word at Harvard are already successful ones.


Freshman Formal! The Glitz! The Glamour! The Dresses! The Cake!

The class of 2016 was whisked away for an evening in Hollywood last night, proving once and for all that class is just a bowtie away.

On Campus

A Marriage of Art and Science

At the Boston University Gallery, a new exhibit explores the relationship between anatomy and art during the past two centuries.


Ang Lee Slices Himself an Animated Piece of ‘Pi’

"Life of Pi" may herald the beginning of a promising career for lead Suraj Sharma. If not, it at least solidifies Lee’s already established filmography.


The Gender Act

HRDC's "The Taming of the Shrew" offered a novel way of examining gender in theater.


‘Psychopaths’ Knows Good Film from Bad

The foul-mouthed, rollicking, spaced-out wit that makes “Seven Psychopaths” such a thoroughly entertaining film.


‘Hotel Transylvania’ Has a Wanting Manager

Although "Hotel Transylvania" is a mildly entertaining yarn, it lacks the subtlety, wit, and intelligence that is found in so many other animated films.

On Campus

Preview: Star Ash

"Star Ash," directed by Sara Batista-Pereira ‘13 and produced by Cassandra Rasmussen ‘13 and Sasha G. Miranov ’13, will run in the Loeb Ex.