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Building a Community

The Community Builder

Community members say without hesitation that Bailey’s first year on the job has been a successful one. Still, they say, problems remain for the BGLTQ community at Harvard.

Class of 1988

A Shattered Campus: Self-Segregation at the College

Johnathan O. Williams ’88 was studying late at night in Currier House when four white students catapulting oranges from a neighboring breezeway shattered the plate glass window next to him. Not long after, Williams received a mysterious phone call.

Class of 1988

Student Complaint Sparks Debate Over Campus Sexism

“It will be a cold day in Bangladesh before [the opening of the clubs to women] happens voluntarily,” Delphic Club member Michael A. Zubrensky ’88 told The Crimson in an article from February 1988.

Student Groups

After Scandal, Quiz Bowlers Look Forward

As they meet before their Wednesday night practice, competitors for the Harvard Quiz Bowl team chat comfortably, rarely mentioning the cheating scandal that has recently rocked their program.

MassEquality Rally

At Harvard and Beyond, Activists Show Support for Marriage Equality

As the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments on same-sex marriage on Tuesday, at Harvard and in the Boston area, advocates demonstrated support for marriage equality.

Living Off-Campus

A Home Outside the Houses

This week Harvard’s Houses prepare to welcome freshmen into their communities, but those who no longer live on campus say that, for them, the Housing Day hype is overblown. Students interviewed for this article who no longer live in Harvard housing say they are not so much drawn to the perks of off-campus life than turned off by a residential system in which they did not feel at home.

Student Groups

Undergraduates Create New Initiative To Focus on Maternal Health

Two undergraduates have transformed what began as an inspirational conversation with a journalist into an emerging campus initiative dedicated to improving maternal health.


Papoulias Named Director of Center for European Studies

The Minda de Gunzberg Center for European Studies named Elaine Papoulias as its new Executive Director earlier this month.

Sustained Dialogue

Sustained Dialogue Develops Campus Presence

Conversations turn to action with the student group Sustained Dialogue, part of an international organization that encourages discussions at 16 college campuses worldwide. In the past year, Sustained Dialogue has expanded its presence on campus.

On Campus

Students Celebrate Día de los Muertos

Colorful cloths, skeletons, and marigolds covered the fireplace at the front of the Leverett dining hall Saturday night as an altar for Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday held November 1 and 2 to remember deceased family and friends.

Gender and Sexuality

Students Discuss Sex Openly in 'Unsupervised' Talk

Students gathered to discuss issues about sex and relationships in a workshop titled “Unsupervised” on Tuesday night as part of the second annual Sex Week at Harvard.


Students Host Cultural Vigil

Native Americans at Harvard College commemorated indigenous cultures that existed before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas with candles at their Candle Held Vigil on Monday.


A Step Toward Security

Harvard students join about a million other undocumented young people who are able to apply for “deferred action” on their case for a period of two years.

Memorial Church

Sparks House Ends Wednesday Tea Tradition

After over three decades of Wednesday teas at Sparks House, the staff of Memorial Church has decided to discontinue the tradition, carried on by the late Reverend Peter J. Gomes until his death in 2011.

Zhang Uses Fame to Combat Kidney Disease in China

Student Uses Fame To Combat Kidney Disease in China

Rylie X. Y. Zhang was one of seven finalists on the TV talent show "China Dream Show," singing with the hopes of helping her cousin who is battling kidney failure.