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Hey Professor: David E. Sanger on Syria

In a prime-time speech on Tuesday, President Obama addressed the nation to make the case for intervention in Syria and outline recent developments

Summer Postcards 2012


It was what I’d imagined a classroom of sixty- and seventy-year-olds to be like. There was the mean kid, Guillermo, sitting in a corner.

Summer Postcards 2012

Cemetery Conversations

The kinds of conversations one has in a cemetery are unlike most others.

On Campus

48 Hours of Sobriety

With reading period in full swing, many students look forward to relaxing and letting loose. Often that relaxation comes with a side of alcohol. But Samir S. Faza '15 and Henry H. Wang '15 don't think it has to.


Don't Be That Prefrosh

You've seen them before. Heck, once upon a time you even were one. Yes, the prefrosh will arrive this weekend. And, as expected, many of them will be anxious to see the world that is Harvard, scared that they might not fit in, yet hopeful that they'll be lucky enough to find some new friends. Before you hosts out there lose your new admits to the multitude of events and celebrations going on this weekend, you might consider laying some ground rules—you know, so your prefrosh doesn't slowly morph into that prefrosh. High school seniors, take note: here's how to avoid being the talk of the town before you even enroll.


Innertube Water Polo Tournament

Tonight marked the second and final day of Harvard's first IM Innertube Water Polo tournament, an event that had students from eleven of the Houses and Dudley House trying out this sport for the very first time.

Easter Treat: Hummingbird Nests
Food and Drink

Easter Treat: Hummingbird Nests

If you're celebrating Easter—or not—here's a delicious and simple recipe for Hummingbird Nests, made with chocolate, shredded coconut, and jelly beans. Enjoy!

Easter Treat: Hummingbird Nests
Food and Drink

Easter Treat: Hummingbird Nests

On Campus

Eggs Hidden Around the Yard!

If you were lucky enough to be up early this morning you may have spotted some of the near 880 eggs that UC representative Salena Cui '15 and friends secretly placed around the Yard. The UC provided all of the plastic eggs as well as the sweet treats packed inside of them. Cui and company placed the eggs all over the place—going so far as to put some right at John Harvard's feet. If you're just waking up, Flyby recommends you get out there and snatch some of those special eggs for yourself—that is before the tourists get them! In this department the Union dorms and Apley might just have the advantage.

Student Life

Eggcited for Easter

Are you nostalgic for those Easter Sunday mornings when you raced your siblings to find the last hidden egg?


Pest Control Can Fight Poverty

The solution to eradicating the world’s poverty may lie in managing some of the tiniest creatures of the natural world, said Director General of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) Christian Borgemeister in a lecture on Monday at the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

Men's Basketball

#GoCrimson #BetterLuckNextTime

For those of you who missed out on the big game (spoiler alert: Harvard didn't do well)—here's a roundup of some of the tweets that kept the twittersphere buzzing Thursday afternoon:

Things to Know

Trending: Spring Fashion

For the budding fashionistas in all of you, suppressed as they may be by midterms and your obligatory Harvard sweats, Flyby's got you covered with the very latest from New York Fashion Week. From furs to dazzling minis, here are the latest trends to hit the runway for both the Spring and Winter seasons.

Cabot Café
On Campus

Cabot Café to Reopen with Better Space, Cheaper Prices

Nestled far off in the remoteness of the Quad, Cabot Café, which reopens next week, awaits with the chance to escape the Square's hubbub.

Student Life

Lady Gaga, FBI Files, and Obama Shooting Marshmallows

1. With Facebook going public soon, Lady Gaga wants in on the action. She's created her own social media site named "Little Monsters," aimed at consolidating her fanbase—which is certainly large, considering she has 19 million followers on Twitter. 2. Speaking of Facebook, Mark E. Zuckerberg raised eyebrows this week by appearing to endorse Mitt Romney. The catch? Zuckerberg actually just "liked" a post written by Slate's Farhad Manjoo, which read, "Just try looking at the Romney logo without seeing MONEY." #failbook 3. Meanwhile, the FBI just released Steve Jobs's file. Any interesting finds? Not really, aside from his past drug use and tendency to "distort reality."