1. With Facebook going public soon, Lady Gaga wants in on the action. She's created her own social media site named "Little Monsters," aimed at consolidating her fanbase—which is certainly large, considering she has 19 million followers on Twitter.

2. Speaking of Facebook, Mark E. Zuckerberg raised eyebrows this week by appearing to endorse Mitt Romney. The catch? Zuckerberg actually just "liked" a post written by Slate's Farhad Manjoo, which read, "Just try looking at the Romney logo without seeing MONEY." #failbook

3. Meanwhile, the FBI just released Steve Jobs's file. Any interesting finds? Not really, aside from his past drug use and tendency to "distort reality."

4. Genghis Khan emerged victorious—at the Westminster Dog Show, that is. Martha Stewart's chow-chow won Best in Breed.

5. Not enough drama for you in the Republican primaries? With reports heralding her as the "woman before Monica Lewinsky," Mimi Beardsley Alford's new book, recounting her affair with JFK, had tongues wagging this past week.

6. Food fight anyone? In case you missed it, President Obama tested 14-year-old Joey Hudy's marshmallow cannon in the White House this week. Remember, everyone, this is America's "Sputnik moment."

7. With midterm season fast approaching, Presidents' Day weekend promises to be one of the last where you can enjoy those cans of PBR on both Friday and Saturday night without feeling guilty. Are you DTR?!

8. Check out Michelle Obama dancing, doing push-ups, and practically feeding Jay Leno some of her White House honey—all for the second anniversary of "Let's Move." Our advice? Get up and MOVE (out of the library).

9. Do you take birth control or just prefer to live (or rather lay) on the edge? Washington has been abuzz regarding a bill mandating employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception.

10. Dream on. A Japanese iPhone app plays a pre-selected "dream" when the user enters REM sleep. Current dream options include becoming rich and "romances specified for both men and women."