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‘Mabou Mines DollHouse’ Oversimplifies

A trio of singing midgets, a live pianist pounding away at a keyboard, and a dizzying strobe light seem to ...

375th Anniversary

'Against the Root of Privilege'

On December 2, 1942, James Bryant Conant received a phone call from prominent physicist Arthur Compton.


A Gripping “Agrippina”

This past weekend, the Boston Lyric Opera concluded its run of “Agrippina,” an Italian opera written by German composer George Friedrich Handel. With visual richness, delightful humor, and creative staging, the performance offered a brief escape into scandalous ancient Rome.


‘Liaisons’ Offers Variety of Dance Delights

The Boston Conservatory Dance Theater presents “Liaisons,” a performance featuring works by Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and contemporary choreographers.

On Campus

Five Arts-Related Organizations That Should Exist on Campus But Don't

Over Thanksgiving break, Clio made several shell bouquets.

On Campus

Rich Staging Revives Tragic Love Story

Directed by Joseph G. Hodgkin ’12, the Hyperion Shakespeare Company’s production of “Antony and Cleopatra” takes William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy ...


Novelist Irving Brings Humor to Morris Gray Lecture

“To find a novelist with such nuance and precision, one would perhaps need to return to Dickens or James.”


‘Jack Goes Boating’ but Ends Up Sinking

The quality of Hoffman’s acting and infrequent scenes of dark humor provide rare moments of cinematic skill, but as a whole, the film’s poor pacing, forced dialogue, and lack of emotional identification with the characters ensure that “Jack Goes Boating” just can’t stay afloat.

Original Student Composers

Original Student Composers

In a variation on a surrealist parlor game, a small group of Harvard students pass around a blank sheet of manuscript paper folded like a fan.

The Pillowman

'Pillowman' Anything But Fluffy

In the opening scene of “The Pillowman,” a man, covered to the waist in a rough burlap sack, lies sprawled on a table, while a lone wooden rocking horse rests forgotten in a corner.

Danton's Death

‘Danton’ Drags Painfully Toward Death

To insult a girl in the style of the French revolutionaries, calling her “a stained bordello bed sheet”—as stage prompter Simon does to one of his conquests—might do the trick.

Visual Arts

Deconstructing Design

Graphic design students independently seek opportunities to learn and practice graphic design.

Adding Machine
Visual Arts

‘Machine’ Fails to Add Up to Success

“In numbers, the mysteries of life can be revealed,” claims the cast of “Adding Machine,” the Off-Broadway musical making its ...

Lion King

'Lion King' Tour Reigns Supreme

Elephants, antelopes, birds, and zebras stampede down the aisles of the Boston Opera House, sweeping up the audience in an ...