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Behind Closed Doors - Final Clubs
Flyby Blog

Oh, The Students You'll Meet

New residents of this ever-surprising urban jungle must learn to recognize each of the tropes they’ll encounter and how to avoid the worst of the lot. Aren’t you glad you have Flyby to help?

Parting Shot

EdX and Justifying Our Privilege

The biggest value of a Harvard degree is not the pedagogical experience itself, although I think that if you take a wide variety of courses and stray out of your comfort zone this place will make you a lot smarter. The value of a Harvard degree is that that it means you got into Harvard.


15 Hottest Freshmen: Where Are They Now?

Three years ago, we selected the hottest freshmen of the Class of 2012. Now, at the end of our time at Harvard, we caught up with the hottest 15 to see how their hot status has affected their lives.


The Tantrum Over Engineering

If faculty members were truly worried about students bearing an overly heavy course load, they would have made a fuss about it during the five years that engineering sciences itself has been a concentration.

Men's Basketball

Officially There

Besides consistently improving their skills, female referees have to find the balance between their families, day jobs, and time-consuming prescence on the court.


Race on the Stage

Although theatre is universally meaningful, this skewed makeup of the performing corps makes it seem less so.


Mourning the Core

Methodology and discipline, not subject, should be the priority when forming a cross-college curriculum.


Take Back the Debate

In order to tackle this issue, a majority of undergraduates themselves have to join the cause. It is in the arena of small actions that we can take the most meaningful steps toward combating sexual violence.


Crimson and Green

Students crave Wall Street’s money because they want to retain the place in America’s upper class that they secured with a Harvard admission.


Why Didn't We Occupy Harvard?

Nothing draws Harvard students like the smell of success, yet no one wanted to touch this national media darling. This school has entire courses devoted to social movements and even a strong social justice organization in the First-Year Urban Program. Yet the most relevant and important cause in a generation was met with widespread scorn.

Summer Postcards 2011

Another Round to the Parents

The clinic had handed me over to immigration, where I was waiting to be served deportation papers.

Summer Postcards 2011

Waiting as a Way of Life

Can you believe the guards at the central station were watching a Manchester United vs. Barcelona game, and let a rogue impala canter in and wreck the transformers? Neither can I.

Summer Postcards 2011

A Perfect Arch

Over the course of the week I have noticed that my eyebrows are reaching for the middle of my forehead like long-lost siblings, straining to reunite and make me look like the lovechild of Frida and Groucho.

Summer Postcards 2011

The Hostel

With eight rooms, a porch, and two tents, the hostel is too small for 27 people with an average age of around 23.


Notable Commencement and Class Day Speeches

Over the course of the next few weeks, seniors will have to sit through a number of speeches—some good, some bad. In the spirit of the season, we decided to profile some of Harvard's most notable Commencement and Class Day speeches.