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Breadth Over Depth: In Favor of Exploration

While Harvard offers a plethora of introductory courses, there are very few that provide a broad overview of the fields studied across Harvard’s many departments. This can and should change if Harvard wants to foster intellectual growth and exploration

Polling Place
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To Vote or Not to Vote? There’s No Question

While young people face numerous barriers to voting, Harvard students possess a unique edge. Given this advantage, we have fewer excuses not to vote — and vote properly.

The Capitol Building
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Harvard Must Find Its Moral Clarity

As a Harvard alumna, I believe we must demand that the most well-recognized and preeminent higher education institution in the world rediscover its moral clarity and eliminate antisemitism from its campus.

Truck In Harvard Square
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Dear President Gay, Don’t Forget About Us

As President Gay addresses Congress about antisemitism on our campus, she must not forget the ongoing climate of fear and intimidation facing Harvard’s Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian communities.

University Hall
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With Previous-Term Registration, Administrators Put Themselves First

I am convinced that the FAS simply does not care what undergraduate students think.

Gannett House
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The Harvard Law Review’s Palestine Exception

The Palestine exception is destructive, it chills speech and progress, and it is now clear that it has reached one of the highest ivory towers in the United States.

Harvard Student Stress
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How Harvard Students Got So Stressed

Kids these days are not alright. The erstwhile pillars of college — self-discovery, exploration, and growth — have given way to an anxious stasis in which students languish in their own fear of failure.

Ukraine Rally: Protestors Play their Support for Ukraine
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Harvard Is Failing Ukrainian Students

It’s a shame that at a University with so many resources, it’s so difficult to get support for a cause that is so clearly in line with its ideals. Harvard has a duty to support its students, especially those whose homelands have been devastated by war.

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Disaggregate Our Demographics

Harvard need not specify every minute ethnic distinction within its Asian population, but it should provide a more nuanced and transparent picture.

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Forget the Fishbowl

Instead of seeking privacy, I hope we can start by reflecting on why people feel so strongly about seeing their opinions reflected on our campus.

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Taking Responsibility for Our Silence When Speaking Is Hard

The Crimson Editorial Board should never perch quietly above the issues that impact our community. When our campus suffers, we must speak.

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Tackling Harvard’s Settler Colonialism

Our University’s promise to Indigenous communities in the original charter remains unkept. Only by addressing its past can Harvard create a better future for its Indigenous students and foster reconciliation with affected tribes.

Leverett Bunnies Chant
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The Missing Link

Letting students link is important — undoubtedly more for some than for others. But it’s also important to raise the low bar for transparency to which Harvard seems to hold itself.

Pro-affirmative Action Demonstrator Holding Sign
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Black Harvard Freshmen, You Belong Here.

Black students have the experiences, intellect, and determination to succeed at prestigious universities. It is time for us, Black Harvard freshmen, to believe in our prosperity.

Jews for Liberation
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We’re Harvard’s Jews for Liberation. Our Grief Will Not Be Weaponized.

We unequivocally condemn Hamas’ attacks on Oct. 7. However, in the wake of this violence, we are frustrated by the weaponization of Jewish grief to silence Palestinian and anti-Zionist voices, as well as to justify continued violence in Gaza and the West Bank.