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Bacow Simmons A&M Conversation
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Striving in Times of Strife

Our lives are frequently upended by uncontrolled and unforeseen events that shake our confidence in the future. In that event, we can either falter or become even more determined to engage in action that centers on the common good.

Ken Roth IOP Forum
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Indifference Is the Enemy of Democracy

I have spent my professional life at Human Rights Watch taking on powerful forces. The task can seem daunting, but I have seen the enormous difference that even a handful of individuals can make. Your generation is perhaps better placed than any previous one to make itself heard.

Harvey Mansfield Horizontal
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To the Class of 2023: On Self-Censorship

To express yourself fully means to fashion your own identity. And to do that, the danger of being offended in your identity becomes a vital point: You must be free both to take offense when you are disrespected and to give offense when your own identity demands it.

Scales of Justice
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Public Service Is Its Own Reward

Whether it is in your career or as a volunteer in your community, I encourage you to do something to serve. Advance your career, yes, but also measure your success but what you do for others — students taught, victims counseled, patients healed.

Humans and Machines
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What Kind of Intelligence?

As you go forth from the protected space of Harvard, don’t be afraid of tech — use it in all the ways that enhance our current imperfect realities. But don’t forget the immense power of human collaboration in the face of staggering obstacles.

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Celebrating the Stories

This is an essay of appreciation for all the students whose time here has been defined by milestones that they may never share with their professors or future employers. The ones who arrived on campus burdened with sometimes difficult stories, but who then also came to realize that they didn’t have to be wholly defined by those stories — that they had the ability to become authors of new stories, stories of their own.

Harvey Silverglate Courtesy
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Advice From a Harvard Elder

Members of the Harvard graduating class of 2023, it is my hope that despite shouldering the burden of debts and the power to reform the education system for future generations, you will prosper.

Michelle Williams
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For a Bright Future, Hold Fast to a North Star

Hold fast to your North Star. Choose it consciously, and make sure it reflects your values. Let it steer what you do and how you serve. As you rise in your careers, you will encounter many different agendas and value systems.

Dexter's Gate
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Dexter’s Gate: A Journey in Wisdom

Our lives on this Earth are limited. Often, I hear those at Harvard suggest that we should worry about ourselves first and society later. But my journey has taught me to embody Harvard’s mission as soon as I leave its gates — to serve others by spreading the quest for veritas, the pursuit of the truth. Our time on Earth is too short to do otherwise.

Winthrop House
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Take Down My Ancestor’s Name

Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was my tenth-great-grand-uncle. This is not an ancestor to be proud of. Yet Harvard has made Winthrop unavoidable.

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The Renaming of GSAS Reflects A Deep Pattern of Injustice

The GSAS community deserves to know how the decision to rename us was made, and how the gift will benefit GSAS. We need Harvard to acknowledge the hurt that has been inflicted upon us, and to commit to conversations going forward not only to address that hurt but also to prevent similar injustices in the future. Surely, we deserve that much.

Convocation 2021 Photo Essay 13
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Need-Blind: Why Harvard Hardly Accepts Low-Income Students

Lost beneath the panic over affirmative action’s coming demise, the hidden tragedy of the ongoing admissions saga has been to make it seem as though class-conscious admissions is an alternative to race-conscious admissions. In reality, we need both. My point is not that there is one inarguable conclusion about how to fairly structure Harvard admissions; it’s that the current system has failed to achieve economic diversity, which is a state of affairs we must reject and improve.

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The Same Fight: Black and Asian Solidarity

Instead of continuing a pattern of complacency, it is time that we acknowledge the true fight at hand — together. The struggles of Asian American and Black communities in America are certainly not interchangeable. But both struggles derive from the same system — a system that continues to thrive off our division.

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Why I Don’t Like Big Words

How we speak says little about our intellect and much more about our past and identity. If we want to truly commit to making ourselves and this institution more inclusive, the expectation that we use fancy words must go. Sharing ideas should not scare people into silence as they worry over whether how they sound will meet our arbitrary standards of worthiness.

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Burning in Silence: When Sudan Dies

Corpses now litter the streets I walked just a few months ago, in a city where it is now a privilege to escape from and become a refugee. Yet it seems that the plight of Sudan falls upon deaf ears, our suffering almost an expectation of the international community. There is a perception that this is, and has always been, our normal. Yet I will continue to fight and advocate and fundraise for Sudan.