In this series, we probe the minds of people around campus by asking them the same set of questions about Harvard and Cambridge life. Want to suggest an interviewee? Leave a comment or e-mail us at

ANDREW BERRY, Lecturer on Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

What time do you wake up in the morning?


Who is your favorite Harvard alum, real or fictional?

Harvard alum? God. President Obama. [Why?] I think he’s a good guy.

Was Larry Summers sexist?

No. I think he was somewhat cruelly misinterpreted.

Who is the smartest person you know?

R. C. Lewontin, who’s an emeritus professor here and who’s an alum, I guess, of this august institution.

What have you always wanted to tell tourists in the Yard?

That’s easy. That the foot they’re touching is a storied repository of undergraduate urine.

What was your most recent CVS purchase?

In my neighborhood I go to Rite Aid. And I think my most recent purchase was clothes washing powder, and I can’t even remember what brand it was, because that’s mandated by my wife. Not a condom in sight, sorry.