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Movie Review

As Alien’s beautiful opening title sequence lit up the screen, the first thing I heard was the man beside me

Beleaguered Business Review Editor Resigns

After nearly two months of hype, turmoil and conflict, Suzy Wetlaufer ’81 suddenly resigned her position with the Harvard Business


Battle of the Bands

To kick off this year’s Springfest, the University Council held a “Battle of the Bands” last Friday night in Lowell


Bullock Dials ‘M’ For Mediocre

While the new thriller Murder by Numbers is entertaining and full of suspense, it is too political. Starring Sandra Bullock


Curse of the 'Scorpion King'

In Universal Pictures’ newest release The Scorpion King, one of the most electrifying men in sports entertainment tries his hand

Gates Publishes Unique 19th Century Slave Manuscript

In a new book published this spring DuBois Professor of the Humanities Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. has a co-author—a


‘Andronicus’ Fails in Titanic Fashion

If Titus Andronicus is among Shakespeare’s least heralded plays in terms of dramatic substance, it generally provides gripping, visceral entertainment

C’est Bon Buys Liquor License

With cases of whiskey and other spirits lining the floor behind its sales counter, C’est Bon Convenience began to make


Ford: Everybody's Doing It

Having won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for his novel Independence Day, Richard Ford inspired high praise from the New York


‘Hooters’ More than Eye-popping

In their recent production of Ted Tally’s Hooters, the student theater group Rock Hard Productions shows that lively comic performances


'Maids' Serves with Distinction

Descending through the depths of Adams House en route to the Kronauer Space, one feels transported to the world of