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Review: 'The Crucible' Powerfully Reflects on Present

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible was written heavy handedly about grave times and during comparably grim times. The length and gravity

Review: Original Choreography Fuels ‘Collaborations’

Without boldness and creativity, dance would still be in the formative stages we remember from the glittery ball scenes in

A New Sense of Platz

BERLIN LOVE PARADE 2003—For the fourteenth consecutive year, the celebration of techno music and wild partying took place in the

Review: Dancers Offer Up Viewpoint

Dancers’ Viewpointe IV Rieman Center, April 10-12 Dance, as an abstract form of expression, is at once clear with its

Review: English Operas Make Classic Art Modern

VI-4 Leverett Old Library, April 3-6 In the era of Carmen On the Common and the dominance of classical

Powerful Singers Enliven Tchaikovsky

The Lowell House Opera has conquered Lowell’s dining hall this year with Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin. The opera is a favorite

Enlivening Silent Films With Music

In frivolous summer months, symphony orchestras in major metropolitan cities put on a different face. The Boston and San Francisco


A Classic Tale of Matchmaking and Marriage

This weekend, in the spirit of tradition, the Hillel Drama Society is producing Fiddler on the Roof, a play showcasing

Classical Act

Nearly every weekend Harvard kiosques parade poster advertisements for classical music events and concerts. The dynamic performance environment includes the

Terrorism Hinders Colombia's Progress

The ongoing terrorism and economic instability that plague Colombia have hampered progress on human rights issues and undermined the country’s

Republicans Send Summers Support Letter

In an open letter to be delivered to University President Lawrence H. Summers today, the Harvard Republican Club (HRC) expressed

Harvard Experts Evaluate Mental Health Medications

Harvard mental health experts weighed the risks, benefits and changing marketing strategies of leading mental health medications in a panel


Ballet, Beethoven and the Birds

The Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has a venerable tradition of performing the modern classical music of the age. Its various


'Fire' Flickers but Fails to Ignite

“And so the general of hot desire / Was sleeping by a virgin hand disarm’d.” Thus Love’s Fire begins, with


Viewing Life Through New Lenses

Existence is based entirely on human kind’s subjective view of reality. So what happens when that reality is shifted to