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Spring Season at the Loeb

A typical run-through of Top Girls , one of several productions currently rehearsing for the Loeb Experimental Theatre, is initiated

Ghungroo Brings South Asian Culture to Sold Out Crowds

Wielding twirling sticks and poking fun at the overachieving and overpopulated subcontinent, the cast and crew of the 15th annual

Review: Cloud 9

Caryl Churchill’s Cloud 9, to put it simply, is all about power and sex. But there’s more than what meets

Former Lebanon President Plans for Peace

Former President of Lebanon Amine Gemayel emphasized the need for establishing partnerships in the Middle East at a Monday luncheon

Review: A Good Dose of Whimsy Delights

The Fantasticks: Loeb Experimental Theater, June 20—July 5 In their first offering of the summer season, the actors of Harvard-Radcliffe

REVIEW: The ‘Dybbuk’ Haunts the Loeb Ex

The Dybbuk Loeb Experimental Theatre, April 25 - May 3 Tragedy works by haunting the psyche—infecting memory with its persistence

Review: Angels Protect the Loeb Ex

Marisol Loeb Ex, April 4-6 When Marisol awakes these days from her bed in the Bronx, she is faced with


Alum Brings Acclaimed ‘Bat Boy’ to Boston

When acclaimed composer and lyricist Larry C. O’Keefe ’91 first donned a chiffon dress and heels in 1988, he knew

Food and Drink

Persistence of Memory

In the small Waverly Gallery in Greenwich Village, a onetime social activist and atheistic Jewish grandmother is losing her mind.

Food and Drink

Theatre of the Durang

It takes a pretty odd but inventive guy to turn talk of swizzle sticks and Dramamine into an exploration of


The Rewards of 'Patience'

Patience is not Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular play. Musically or textually it is also not their most sophisticated—not that

Harvard Experts Evaluate Mental Health Medications

Harvard mental health experts weighed the risks, benefits and changing marketing strategies of leading mental health medications in a panel

Peru President Speaks at Forum

President of Peru Alejandro Toledo explained increased expenditures on education and health would stimulate economic growth and reinforce democracy in

Researcher Says Rape Can Be a Weapon of War

Applied systematically, rape can be devastating tool of war, said researcher Mia Bloom yesterday during a speech at the Kennedy


The Long Journey Home

John L. Ashbery ’49, Jamaica Kincaid and Salman Rushdie, three of the greatest writers of our time, shared the stage