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SPOTLIGHT: Shana J. Cloud '06

Many women can say they took ballet classes as a child, but very few can say that they have danced

Spotlight: Long Le-Khac '06

As the bass player for one of Harvard’s most popular bands, The Blanks, Long Le-Khac’s Harvard career has been colored


Okechukwu W. Iweala ’06, affectionately known as Oke, began his relationship with poetry in elementary school. Just a little more

Spotlight: Michael M. Donahue '05

Michael M. Donahue ’05 has countless theater credits to his name. “I’ve been making theater for as long as I

Spotlight: Corey Bernhard '05

When Corey E. Bernhard ’05 (Economics Concentrator in Cabot House) was in first grade, his mother never imagined that he

Harvard Women’s Group Honors Exceptional Black Men

BOSTON—Soulful jazz melodies and rhythmic African drum beats set the tone for Friday’s fifth annual tribute to black men. About

Theater Preview

Race, gender, social and economic status all come together in the Women In Color second annual theatrical production, which opened

Celebration of Black Arts Plans To Expand, Engage

As Black History Month ends, the sixth annual Black Arts Festival (BAF) promises to continue the celebration of black contributions


Women of ‘Bacchanal’ Brave Bitter Battles

“I found God in myself, and I loved Her fiercely,” entones the entire cast in a redeeming conclusion to the

MIT Puts Course Material On Web

For stay-at-home parents, motivated teachers and students overseas, a top-notch education is now only a click away. MIT is proceeding

Tufts Daily Article Angers Students

In an Oct. 29 Tufts Daily article about grade inflation a Tufts dean called Harvard students “essentially a lazy bunch,”


Nothing But Skin and 'Bones'

In Don’t Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood, Marlon Wayans makes the joke


Erasing the Border in Our Minds

Rubén Martínez’s latest book, Crossing Over, ends by finally stating what Martínez has been alluding to all along: “There is


Music of Displacement

At an ARCO Forum lecture on Oct. 10, Fletcher University Professor Cornel West ’74, arguably one of the most electrifying


Secret Agent Man: Uncorked

Touchstone’s advertising campaign for Chris Kattan’s newest movie poses the question, “Who is Corky Romano?” And though I hate to