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Memorial Church: A Retrospection

‘We Can Do Better’: Harvard Chaplains Raise Concerns about Equity and Interfaith Spaces

The Memorial Church, Harvard Hillel, and the University Chaplains Office are Harvard’s three official religious entities. But what’s noticeably absent is an interfaith space to unite them.

New Moderna Building

Moderna Relocates to New, 462,000-Square-Foot Kendall Square Headquarters

Cambridge-based biotechnology giant Moderna, known for developing a Covid-19 vaccine, has relocated its headquarters to a new 462,000-square-foot complex at 325 Binney Street in Kendall Square — a move to foster innovation as the company expands its commercial business.


Scammers Sold Fake CBD Gummies on Harvard Website, Snopes Reports

Scammers exploited a Harvard website in a ploy to sell “miracle” CBD and keto gummies, a Snopes investigation revealed on March 27.

HIID Scrut Cover

Harvard Princes, Russian Reformers: When Harvard Ran Moscow

In 1992, a group of Harvard-affiliated experts arrived in Moscow and attempted to transform the Russian economy into that of a Western capitalist country. Instead, the economic development project crumbled in scandal.

Cambridge City Hall and Central Square

City of Cambridge Receives Perfect AAA Credit Rating for 25th Straight Year

S&P Global, Moody’s and Fitch — known as the “big three” credit rating agencies — awarded the City of Cambridge an AAA rating for the 25th year in a row, Cambridge City Manager Yi-An Huang ’05 announced on Monday.

Harvard for Biden

As Biden and Trump Turn Their Focus to November, Students Relaunch Harvard for Biden

Harvard for Biden, a campus group to support U.S. President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign, launched on Feb. 17 to increase voter participation and rally support for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Ava Silva's Heritage Items
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‘I Want People to Know It’: Ava E. Silva ’27 Works to Preserve the Alabama Language

Within the Working of Language in the Field (WOLF) lab, Ava E. Silva '27 and a team of Harvard researchers are currently developing the Alabama language project, a five-year initiative that aims to document the language, study its grammar and lexicon, and produce educational resources for the Alabama-Coushatta community.

Widener Library
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Balancing Acts: Coordination Difficulties in Harvard's Music Dual Degree Programs

Though dual enrollment students value the opportunity to combine studying music with their other academic interests, they also cite issues with the structures of their programs. Students say that there are difficulties with coordinating schedules between the two schools, transportation costs and financial aid, and feeling socially disconnected.

International Student Visas Graphic
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Optional Practical Training, But A Compelled Concentration Choice

“If it wasn’t for the STEM OPT and I didn’t have to worry about work visas or anything at all, I would have done Hist and Lit or History and done a secondary in something else,” Sunshine Chen ’27 says. Instead, she is considering adding Economics as a double concentration.

Prison Newspaper
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Poetry, Politics, and Prayers: Digitizing HLS’ Prison Periodicals

HLS’ basement houses several prison periodicals housed in Harvard’s archives, and when Jessica N. Chapel found them, they were in dire need of preservation.

Tasty Diner Picture

The Aftertaste: A Look Back on Harvard Square’s Beloved Tasty Diner

Harvard alumni who frequented the burger joint carry a sort of oral history of Tasty stories. Almost every person we interviewed sent us the names of more friends, promising fresh fables.

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A Centuries-Old Papier-Mâché Octopus Swims Northwest, Finds a “A Second Life”

After decades of collecting dust in a Harvard Museum of Natural History classroom, a life-size papier-mâché model of an octopus has found a new home. With each of its looping tentacles stretching out about eight feet, it lies suspended above a grand staircase in the spacious, modern, glassy foyer of Harvard’s Northwest Building, home to labs, classrooms, and offices for Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Seen and Unseen
Around Town

‘Seen and Unseen’: PhD Student Kabl Wilkerson Puts Native American Representation on Display

The Baker Library’s exhibit, “Seen and Unseen,” asks that viewers pass through a gallery of familiar misrepresentations and consider the history that they do not show.

Winthrop House

Undermining with Underwear: How Radcliffe Students Retaliated Against Historic Panty Raids

We don’t want your sockies, we just want your Jockies!” 25 Radcliffe students chanted outside of Winthrop House, calling for the men to throw down their underwear.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
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Classrooms, Conversations, and Case Studies: Reshaping the Ethics of Education

Meira L. Levinson is the founder of EdEthics, an initiative that aims to develop a global field of educational ethics by creating case studies and professional development programs.