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Winthrop House

Undermining with Underwear: How Radcliffe Students Retaliated Against Historic Panty Raids

We don’t want your sockies, we just want your Jockies!” 25 Radcliffe students chanted outside of Winthrop House, calling for the men to throw down their underwear.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
The Scoop

Classrooms, Conversations, and Case Studies: Reshaping the Ethics of Education

Meira L. Levinson is the founder of EdEthics, an initiative that aims to develop a global field of educational ethics by creating case studies and professional development programs.

Mandolin Club Design

Tuned to the Trends: The History of Harvard's Varsity Mandolin Club

Through the late 19th and early 20th century, Harvard’s all-male Mandolin Club, alongside female mandolin players from Radcliffe, entertained the campus with their annual shows.

Earthling Ed Photo

Earthling Ed Photo

The writers pose for a picture with Earthling Ed.

Earthling Ed Photo

Meet Earthling Ed, That Vegan Educator

Winters’s style of activism focuses on drawing people — whether his students, the people he debates, or his viewers at home — into what he hopes are reasonable, logical, and understanding discussions about veganism.