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Ingrid Jensen image

Artist Profile: Ingrid Jensen on Falling in Love with Jazz, and Performing with the Harvard Monday Jazz Band

On stage, Jensen’s “swinging” was evident in the best way as she led the Harvard Monday Jazz Band.

Candlelight Hans Zimmer image

‘The Best of Hans Zimmer’ Review: Candlelight Series Performance Astounds

The setting allowed the incredible concert to be about more than just about music; It was inherently meditative in its nature, perhaps even emotional.

"Hairspray" Photo

‘Hairspray’ Review: A Triumphant Return to Boston Despite Outdated Plot

Broadway in Boston did a phenomenal job assembling a strong cast and delivering a triumphant return of the show to Boston. But it leaves one question unanswered: At what point does a show need to be retired or re-written?

Requiem for the Enslaved Still
On Campus

Sundays in the Courtyard: ‘Requiem for the Enslaved’ at the Isabella Stewart Gardner

“I had two objectives with this piece: to honor those men, women and children who were property, and to shine a light on systemic racism,” Simon said. “There’s no way we can talk about racism today without talking about slavery.”

"How I Met Your Mother" Photo

It’s Okay, We Can Let ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Go

If we as a human race ever go back to watching cable, “How I Met Your Mother” is a perfectly acceptable show to land on when nothing else is on — but it's time for us to move on to bigger and better things.

New York Polyphony Image
On Campus

Music in the Courtyard Returns to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

During the installation, museum visitors milled about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum as the music from the center Courtyard echoed through the adjoining rooms.