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'Best of Friends' Cover

‘Best of Friends’ Review: An Underwhelming Tale of Childhood Friendship

All in all, this book is not Shamsie’s best work, but it’s more than worth reading. The characters are dynamic and well-developed, and the plot is anything but boring.

F.N.F. (Let’s Go) Remix image

‘F.N.F. (Let’s Go) Remix’ Review: Marking a New Wave of Southern Female Rappers

Most people hadn’t heard of Memphis rapper Glorilla (and many still haven’t) until her song “F.N.F” suddenly went viral last summer. The song didn’t become popular because it is particularly well-composed or insightful (in any sense of the word), though: It became popular because it’s fun.

"Briefly, A Delicious Life" cover.

‘Briefly, A Delicious Life’ Review: A Distracted and Immature Debut Novel

Nell Stevens’s debut novel “Briefly, A Delicious Life” is undeniably imaginative, but a cornucopia of creativity cannot make up for several large-scale drawbacks.

"Eastbound" Photo

‘Eastbound’ Is a Celebration of Identity Through Dance

A joyous celebration of tradition, creativity, exploration, and freedom that seemed just as fun to perform as it was to watch.

"777" Cover Art

‘777’ Review: ‘Queen of Da Souf’ Is Leaving The South


Skip Marley Still

Artist Profile: Skip Marley is Talkin' Freedom

The 25-year old grandson of reggae pioneer and international cultural icon Bob Marley, Skip is part of an emerging third generation of Marley music.

'Bittersweet' Cover

‘Bittersweet’ Review: A Moving But Incomplete Analysis of Sorrow

The reading experience is both painful and cathartic as Cain, with a gentle hand, leads her readers down the intimidating path of more deeply considering their own emotional tendencies and well-being.

Dua Lipa Sued

What The Hell Happened: Dua Lipa Gets Sued by Artikal Sound System

Dua Lipa's hit song "Levitating" is a smash success. But, according to band Artikal Sound System, that melody is not Lipa’s to claim.

Diversity In Publishing Graphic

Diversity in Publishing: Who Gets to Tell What Stories?

The proof is (or rather, isn’t) in the pudding: People of color are simply not adequately represented in the literary world.