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"Briefly, A Delicious Life" cover.

‘Briefly, A Delicious Life’ Review: A Distracted and Immature Debut Novel

Nell Stevens’s debut novel “Briefly, A Delicious Life” is undeniably imaginative, but a cornucopia of creativity cannot make up for several large-scale drawbacks.

"Eastbound" Photo

‘Eastbound’ Is a Celebration of Identity Through Dance

A joyous celebration of tradition, creativity, exploration, and freedom that seemed just as fun to perform as it was to watch.

"777" Cover Art

‘777’ Review: ‘Queen of Da Souf’ Is Leaving The South


Skip Marley Still

Artist Profile: Skip Marley is Talkin' Freedom

The 25-year old grandson of reggae pioneer and international cultural icon Bob Marley, Skip is part of an emerging third generation of Marley music.

'Bittersweet' Cover

‘Bittersweet’ Review: A Moving But Incomplete Analysis of Sorrow

The reading experience is both painful and cathartic as Cain, with a gentle hand, leads her readers down the intimidating path of more deeply considering their own emotional tendencies and well-being.

Dua Lipa Sued

What The Hell Happened: Dua Lipa Gets Sued by Artikal Sound System

Dua Lipa's hit song "Levitating" is a smash success. But, according to band Artikal Sound System, that melody is not Lipa’s to claim.

Diversity In Publishing Graphic

Diversity in Publishing: Who Gets to Tell What Stories?

The proof is (or rather, isn’t) in the pudding: People of color are simply not adequately represented in the literary world.