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Heroes of the Fourth Turning Picture

‘Heroes of the Fourth Turning’ is an Intellectual Obstacle Course

“Heroes of the Fourth Turning” offers a surprisingly underrepresented and risky approach: listening — really listening — to the perspectives of white right-wing conservatives.

Black BGLTQ Artists

For the Black BGLTQ Women I Grew Up With on TV

Diversity in media is critical for young people. It helps shape how they perceive themselves and others.

Billie Eilish Coachella 2022 Weekend One

Coachella 2022, Weekend One: Best & Worst Dressed Celebrities

Those not in attendance may not be able to come by a live Megan Thee Stallion performance, but they can still observe (and judge) celebrity outfits.

Ilana Peña Photograph

Artist Profile: Showrunner Ilana Peña is Loud and Specific

Peña’s outstanding career is fueled by her ability to ask for what she wants — and she is not done yet.

Harvard Art Museums Interior Still
On Campus

Henri Zerner Lecture: Christiane Baumgartner’s Monumental Woodcuts

Internationally renowned German artist Christiane Baumgartner presented her monumental woodcuts, highlighting the value of slowing down and taking her time in the contexts of both her process of creating artwork by hand and her path to finding her personal artistic style.

Vintage Film Reel

What the Hell Happened: The Oscars Are Lost

If there is any hope for the Oscars, it will be found by maintaining their purpose — and their dignity — by honoring every category to the fullest.

'Much Ado About Nothing' Photo

Shakespeare Should Be Activism

Nothing screams cutting-edge activist theater like a Shakespeare play.

Key Art for "Everything's Gonna Be All White"

‘Everything’s Gonna Be All White’ Series Premiere Review: Both Overwhelming and Underwhelming

With its wide range of subject matters, the episode might benefit someone with little knowledge of racism. However, its lack of depth renders it inconsequential in the greater context of antiracist media.