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'Fallout' Still

‘Fallout’ Season Finale Review: Goggins’s Gunslinger Shines in Battle Against Corporate Dystopia

Season one of “Fallout” indicates that corporate control is perhaps more of a poison than the nuclear threat itself.

'Spaceman' Still

‘Spaceman’ Review: Sandler’s Interstellar Odyssey Orbits a Hollow Core

“Spaceman” could be a meaningful study of loneliness and separation, but it misses the mark, leaving several plot points underdeveloped along the way.

"Loki" Season 2 Review Image

‘Loki’ Season 2 Review: A Glorious Bookend for Hiddleston’s God of Mischief

The season finale perfectly executes Loki’s realization of his true “glorious purpose” as one of eternal sacrifice, thus bringing his character full circle from his earlier days of selfishness and greed.

Conrad Hsiang Artist Profile Image

Artist Profile: Public Library Commute Speaks on the Unconventional Path to His Debut Album, ‘Close to the Sun’

Reflecting on this path, Hsiang recalled how he initially found his inspiration and style.

"Ahsoka" Review Image

‘Ahsoka’ Season 1, Episode 6 Review: ‘Far, Far Away’ Expands ‘Star Wars’ Lore in a Bold New Way

For the duration of its 46-year history, the fantastical stories of the “Star Wars” universe have been united by a decidedly grand, escapist preamble: “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.” With the latest episode of “Ahsoka,” the creators make a sweeping decision that forever alters the dynamic of these famous words. In fact, they bring the story to a new galaxy entirely.


“The Mandalorian” Season 3 and the Future of the Star Wars Universe

While it may have taken three seasons of bounty hunting, space battles, and wholesome parenting moments, “The Mandalorian” finally got around to providing a full-fledged background on the planet and culture to which the series owes its name.

Toy Story

Making Movies For Infinity and Beyond: Why ‘Toy Story 5’ Shouldn’t Be Happening

Now, with the announcement of a fifth addition to the series, it simply feels like there’s nowhere left to go.

"Babylon" Still

‘Babylon’ Review: Glamour, Gluttony, and a Grand Condemnation of Hollywood

For a film that runs over three hours long, Damien Chazelle '07's latest is masterfully paced, as its vivacious nature ensures that it is never in jeopardy of losing steam.

'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' Still

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Review: A Poignant & Empowering Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

“Wakanda Forever” hence sets the heavy tone early, including a moving funeral for T’Challa as well as a tear-jerking alteration of the Marvel Studios title sequence featuring clips only of Boseman, shining his light on film through the years.

"Truth or Consequences" Poster

‘Truth or Consequences’: Carnivorous Motel Rooms, Allegorical Sci-Fi and the Bold Vision of Fresh Ink Theatre

The team at Fresh Ink hope that once “Truth or Consequences” opens, people will indeed read it, love it and share it. That is, if they aren’t devoured by a sentient motel room in the meantime.

Joby Harold Photo

Artist Profile: Joby Harold, Writer on 'Obi-Wan Kenobi'

Such a shift in the status quo is simply unprecedented in the industry, and while it surely has its disadvantages, Joby Harold, for one, appreciates what it’s done for story possibilities.

"Moon Knight" Still.

‘Moon Knight’ Series Premiere Review: Oscar Isaac’s Face(s) and the Thrill of Calculated Confusion

Its willingness to lean into ambiguity, though, is its best decision, and Oscar Isaac delivers a convincing combination of surprise, craze, and fright in Steven’s expressions.

'Turning Red' Still

'Turning Red' Review: Familiar Trope Made Fresh by Distinctive Visual Style

The clever visual techniques utilized in “Turning Red” make an already strong story truly great.

Walt Disney Thinkpiece Still

Disenchantment: The Reality of Disney’s Desire for a Dollar

If the Walt Disney Company sticks to its habit of choosing money over magic, fan disillusionment is sure to persist as well.

John Cena as "Peacemaker"

‘Peacemaker’ Season One Finale Review: ‘It’s Cow or Never’ Boasts a Barnyard of Great Character Moments

While Adebayo’s burgeoning confidence fully comes to fruition in the season finale, it’s interesting to see that the brash-on-the-surface Peacemaker is as vulnerable as ever, and hence that he is perhaps not “made for this sh*t.”