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Juliet Isselbacher 2
Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Best Dressed: Juliet Isselbacher

“People will be like, ‘Oh, what are you dressed up for? What event are you going to?’” she laughs. “And I’ll say, ‘Nothing, this is just what I’m wearing today.’”

Derek Walsh 1
Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Life of the Party: Derek Walsh

“I’ve probably humiliated myself with things I’ve done in dance circles. Sometimes you just have to, like, embrace that.”

Crossword Solutions: Volume XXXIII, Glossy 6

Crossword Solutions: Volume XXXIII, Glossy 6

Gregory Nagy Portrait
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Gregory Nagy on Heroes, Tricksters, and his Achilles Tendon

The “Ancient Greek Hero” professor sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss what we can learn from the Ancients. “If we sweep under the rug the bad parts of the heroic world, then we won’t understand why we have to keep processing and seeing what their mistakes were, just as we try to imitate what’s good about them,” he says.

Mouse FAQ

Mouse in Your Room? Suck It Up, You Huge Baby

I have selected the best musings from the Mice FAQ, all of which didn’t actually point to a tangible solution nor number to call, but rather provided me with a nice chuckle during my dip in the alphabet soup of Harvard bureaucracy.

Pawpaws in Basket
The Scoop

Pawpaws to the People!

Each year, more people are trying pawpaws for the first time and falling in love with their tropical taste and vogue mysteriousness. But the pawpaw isn’t new, and it’s not going anywhere.

Sarah's Pawpaws

Sarah's Pawpaws

There are only a couple places in the Cambridge area to buy pawpaws, including The Mushroom Shop in Somerville and Clover Food Labs, which sells 3 fruits for $25.

Lindsay Sanwald

Lindsay Sanwald, Her Loop Pedal, and Her Surf Board

A Masters of Divinity candidate graduating this spring, Sanwald lets her spirituality manifest in a variety of ways: the psychedelic indie-rock one-woman show she performs under the stage name Idgy Dean,; the Patreon account she runs to offer sermons, spiritual guidance, and meditation to monthly subscribers, and, as of late, surfing.

Abortion Scrut Cover Image

With Roe in Peril, Revisiting the History of Abortion Activism at Harvard

In comparison to historical waves of activism at Harvard, today’s campus culture surrounding abortion-related issues is relatively quiet — leaving a vacuum all the more striking in the face of looming national threats to abortion access.

Bachelor Sports Fan

Rose-Colored Glasses

Society has progressed past The Bachelor. Why haven’t I?

'This Is How Your Marriage Ends' Cover

‘This Is How Your Marriage Ends’ Review: A Misguided Manual to Relationships

Teaching men to navigate around the feelings of women doesn’t take into account that women are rational beings capable of understanding logic as well as emotion.

Advice for Josh

Advice to Josh: What is Love?

February is scary for a lot of reasons: three of Taylor Swift’s exes have their birthdays this month, The Boy Scouts of America was founded back in February 1910, and Valentine’s Day exists. Between wondering why hearts don’t look like anatomical hearts and how the Datamatch algorithm works, this amorous holiday can be a confusing time for many people, but for no one more so than our cherished, forever-freshman Josh. He needs FM’s help to get to the root of what this holiday is all about. We’ve asked some of our writers to help Josh answer the age-old question: What is love?

Electric Scooter Henry Tudor

Venn Diagram: Electric Scooter, Henry Tudor

Ever wondered what that lacrosse boy who nearly ran you over in the Yard and the 15th-century monarch who famously beheaded his wives have in common? You know you have.

Electric Scooter Henry Tudor

Electric Scooter Henry Tudor

Romeo P. Alexander '11 Bachelorette

A Mathematician Walks Out of a Limo

Meet Romeo P. Alexander '11, who was on the "Bachelorette," has a Ph.D. in atmosphere-Ocean Science and Mathematics, and loves Reddit.