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Editors' Choice

Most Whimsical: Jeremy Ornstein

“One of my most whimsical qualities is talking to strangers,” he says. In the summer of 2021, he walked 400 miles from New Orleans to Houston talking to strangers about climate change. “We just stopped everyone we could and talked to them — talked to a truck driver about the coastal erosion, and a guy in an excavator, and a fisherman,” he continues.

12/7/23 15 Seniors

Around Town

Crawling for Journalism

What if The Crimson did a crawl? A bar crawl? What if we gave the people what they wanted: an investigative report on the Cambridge going out scene for college students? Fine, we commit.

15 Liminal Spaces

15 Places to Cry

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Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Bruno Carvalho on Cities, Bike Lanes, and Punny Halloween Costumes

The urbanist sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss cities and urban studies. “I’m not sure I would say cities are inherently anything except for places where strangers live among each other and places where constructions are supposed to last beyond a single generation,” he says.

el misti

Astronomical Imperialism: Harvard In the Peruvian Skies

The data collected by Harvard College Observatory in Arequipa in the late 19th to early 20th century, is foundational in the study of astronomy and has furthered our understanding of the cosmos. But this type of cross-continental scientific undertaking cannot be separated from its impact on its workers — both the Indigenous people building Harvard facilities in Peru and the low-paid women astronomers in Cambridge.

Virtual Reality Crossword Solutions

Virtual Reality Crossword Solutions

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Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Life of the Party: Derek Walsh

“I’ve probably humiliated myself with things I’ve done in dance circles. Sometimes you just have to, like, embrace that.”

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Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Best Dressed: Juliet Isselbacher

“People will be like, ‘Oh, what are you dressed up for? What event are you going to?’” she laughs. “And I’ll say, ‘Nothing, this is just what I’m wearing today.’”

Crossword Solutions: Volume XXXIII, Glossy 6

Crossword Solutions: Volume XXXIII, Glossy 6

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Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Gregory Nagy on Heroes, Tricksters, and his Achilles Tendon

The “Ancient Greek Hero” professor sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss what we can learn from the Ancients. “If we sweep under the rug the bad parts of the heroic world, then we won’t understand why we have to keep processing and seeing what their mistakes were, just as we try to imitate what’s good about them,” he says.

Mouse FAQ

Mouse in Your Room? Suck It Up, You Huge Baby

I have selected the best musings from the Mice FAQ, all of which didn’t actually point to a tangible solution nor number to call, but rather provided me with a nice chuckle during my dip in the alphabet soup of Harvard bureaucracy.

Sarah's Pawpaws

Sarah's Pawpaws

There are only a couple places in the Cambridge area to buy pawpaws, including The Mushroom Shop in Somerville and Clover Food Labs, which sells 3 fruits for $25.

Pawpaws in Basket
The Scoop

Pawpaws to the People!

Each year, more people are trying pawpaws for the first time and falling in love with their tropical taste and vogue mysteriousness. But the pawpaw isn’t new, and it’s not going anywhere.