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What to Expect From the GameStop Movies

After the buying of long positions, through which Redditors held onto the GameStop’s stock as hedge fund managers shorted it last month, Netflix, MGM, and HBO all optioned the rights to the “saga” for future movies and docuseries.

Cass Memes Column Image

Yes, Those 'Memes' You Keep Hearing About Are Art

The text and graphic need each other, bridging the gap between our very human gravitation toward language and our love for anything else that we perceive as visual.

Bernie Sanders and John Harvard Statue

‘I am once again asking’: The Adoring Memeification of Bernie Continues

Bernie in the chair at the inauguration blew past memes out of the water, spawning endless tweets.

Inauguration Day 2021

Yes, Those Inauguration Coats Were Intentional

One’s sartorial decision is quite intentional — as was clear at the Inauguration.


Arts Vanity: We Need to Discuss La Sagrada Família

La Sagrada Família is my magnum opus, the ne plus ultra of my career, the child I never had.

Four "Calvin and Hobbes" books

Four "Calvin and Hobbes" books

A sampling of "Calvin and Hobbes" anthologies

'Wag the Dog' Still

Too Bad ‘Wag the Dog’ Isn't Fiction; Or, What It’s Like to Live in 2020

Totally absurd until it isn’t, the 1997 film “Wag the Dog” still manages to feel prescient despite its age and thematic distance from current American politics. In the realest sense possible, we are living in the film’s own world — except dialed up many, many notches.

'Borat Subsequent Film'

‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ Is a Stunning Portrayal of American ‘Exceptionalism’

Sacha Baron Cohen — producer, writer, and lead actor — shows us over and over again that people will go along with atrocities rather than question them and risk making anyone uncomfortable.

"Seeing the Body" cover art

‘Seeing the Body’ Elegantly Evokes Facets of Pain

Griffiths describes herself in the series as “a woman whose spirit is both emaciated and exhilarated in the face of monumental loss.”

"Lake Like a Mirror" cover art

‘Lake Like a Mirror’ is Hazy, Murky, and Haunting

Many of the stories end with no satisfying resolution. This ambiguity can be frustrating or soothing.

"The Undocumented Americans" cover art

‘The Undocumented Americans’ Refuses Stereotypes and Claims its Own Space

Undocumented people need not be “heroes” for their stories to be important, valid, and, above all, told.

"The Prettiest Star" cover art

‘The Prettiest Star’ is Quietly, Beautifully Heartbreaking

Brian’s decision to return home to Chester, Ohio — after living in New York City for six years and contracting AIDS in the middle of the crisis that gripped the 1980s — is at once an understandable and perplexing one.

Bieber "Yummy" MV still

Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ Music Video is Three Minutes of Revulsion

It’s extremely unlikely that a woman listening to this will think, “ah yes, I feel sexy and appreciated when Justin talks about my ‘yummy-yum.’”

Selena Gomez for her album, Rare

Selena Gomez’s ‘Rare’ Is Almost, But Not Quite, Satisfying

Selena Gomez’s first album since 2015, “Rare,” comes her closest to being vocally and lyrically genuine, but never quite gets there.

Harry and Meghan still

What the Hell Happened: The Monarchy is Beginning to Crack

There is no precedent for what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, of British royal family fame, have done, and yet they still did it.