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Amid COVID-19, Protecting Harvard’s Teaching Faculty is Essential

As students from concentrations that rely on non-tenure-track faculty for instruction, we strongly urge Harvard to respond to this petition with action: extend appointments for non-tenure track faculty by at least one year.


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A world where news outlets categorically refuse to contact certain kinds of sources — a world where news outlets let third-party groups dictate the terms of their coverage — is a less informed, less accurate, and ultimately less democratic world.

Harvard Facing Many Lawsuits
Central Administration

Bacow Says Harvard Ready to Face Recent Flurry of Lawsuits

Harvard is currently facing a plethora of lawsuits, some against its admissions policies and some challenging its single-gender social group sanctions.

Picture of Bacow at Inauguration

Bacow, Keeping Close Tabs on Admissions Trial, Says He Remains Confident Harvard Will Win

Bacow may not be sitting in court as Harvard defends its race-conscious admissions policies, but he receives daily updates — and he remains confident the University will win at trial's end.

Bacow Inauguration

Why President Bacow Is Already Prepping for the Next Recession

Amid fiscal hurdles, Bacow — an economist by training — is examining the University’s financials at the macro level. He’s already looking ahead to when the next recession hits.

Picture of Bacow at Inauguration
Central Administration

Bacow Warns Admissions Trial Could 'Create Divisions' Among Harvard Affiliates

Bacow’s emails to students and alumni Wednesday marked his first missives directly addressing the suit.

Bacow Inauguration
Central Administration

100 Days of President Bacow

Throughout American history, “100 days” has marked a critical benchmark for any new leader. The Crimson looks back on University President Lawrence S. Bacow's first months in Harvard's — and arguably, higher education's — top job.

Bacow at Inauguration
Central Administration

At Bacow’s Inauguration, Pomp and Protest

Friday afternoon marked a rare occasion as the last four Harvard presidents descended on the Yard to ceremonially welcome Lawrence S. Bacow to their ranks.

Bacow at Convocation

Harvard President Bacow Urges Students to Vote in Email Headlined ‘Democracy’

In his email, Bacow included a link to an Institute of Politics website that helps students register to vote and request absentee ballots from their respective home states.

Bacow at Convocation

Bacow Has a Message for Harvard Hopefuls: The Sanctions Are Here to Stay

Just a few months into his tenure, University President Lawrence S. Bacow has a simple message for Harvard hopefuls: don’t apply if you’re not comfortable with the College’s social group penalties.

Central Administration

As Admissions Trial Nears, Bacow Insists 'We Don't Discriminate Against Anybody'

The brand-new president said he is “confident” Harvard will prevail in court when the suit goes to trial on Oct. 15, though he is unsure what the Supreme Court may do should the case come before the nation's highest judges.

Capital Campaign Numbers

Harvard’s Capital Campaign Shows Enduring Support for Higher Ed, Growing Financial Gap Between Schools

The University’s record-breaking $9.6 billion capital capital sends a strong signal of faith in Harvard and higher education — but it also highlights ongoing tensions in the industry, experts say.

Piles of Money

Harvard Raises $9.6 Billion in Final Capital Campaign Tally, Smashing Its Own Fundraising Record

Harvard just beat Harvard's own fund-raising record. The University closed out its record-smashing capital campaign at $9.6 billion, meaning the school surpassed its original fundraising goal by more than $3 billion.

Bacow in Michigan
Higher Education

Bacow Heads to Home State of Michigan In Quest to Fix Harvard’s Image Problem

Bacow, a Michigan native, stopped through Detroit and Pontiac to make the case to locals that Harvard can positively impact their lives and neighborhoods. The trip comes at a perilous moment for higher education in America.

DACA Protest
Student Life

Harvard Affiliates Will Huddle With Bacow to Strategize About Trump, DACA

A group of faculty, students, and staff will meet with President Bacow to discuss the Trump administration’s controversial policies on immigration.