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Jamie D. Halper is the Associate Managing Editor of the 146th guard. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @jamiedhalper.

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University Hall

In Wake of #MeToo, Harvard Title IX Office Saw 56 Percent Increase in Disclosures in 2018, Per Annual Report

Disclosures of sexual and gender-based harassment across the University increased 56 percent in 2018, according to an annual Title IX Office report.

Bacow Inauguration

Harvard President Bacow Opposes Provisions of DeVos’s Proposed Title IX Rules

University President Lawrence S. Bacow reiterated Harvard’s commitment to respond to new proposed federal Title IX rules.

Harvard Facing Many Lawsuits
Central Administration

Bacow Says Harvard Ready to Face Recent Flurry of Lawsuits

Harvard is currently facing a plethora of lawsuits, some against its admissions policies and some challenging its single-gender social group sanctions.

Picture of Bacow at Inauguration

Bacow Responds to DeVos's Proposed Title IX Rules, Releases Policy Report

President Bacow released a long-awaited report reviewing the University's Title IX policies and addressed concerns over how Harvard will adapt its guidelines to proposed government rules in an email to students Thursday.

Bacow Graphic Speak Out

News Analysis: How President Bacow Decides When to Speak Out — And When to Remain Silent

As national political divisions deepen and create fissures on campus, Bacow is following in his predecessor’s footsteps, occasionally taking stands but largely keeping quiet.

Picture of Bacow at Inauguration

Bacow, Keeping Close Tabs on Admissions Trial, Says He Remains Confident Harvard Will Win

Bacow may not be sitting in court as Harvard defends its race-conscious admissions policies, but he receives daily updates — and he remains confident the University will win at trial's end.

UC Shopping Week Town Hall
Student Life

Claybaugh Invites Student Involvement in Undergraduate Education Decisions

“While listening to students discuss their experiences of shopping period, we also heard some students say that they felt excluded from decisions being made about undergraduate education more generally,” Claybaugh wrote.

Year in Review - Pfister: Talk
Central Administration

Title IX Policy Review Committee Produces Report for Bacow

Former University President Drew G. Faust created the committee in 2015 when Harvard continued to face criticisms of its policy and procedures on sexual misconduct after it overhauled them in 2014.

University Hall

Harvard Still Facing Three Federal Probes Into Its Compliance With Title IX

Harvard continues to face three separate federal Title IX investigations more than four years after the first complaint was filed.

Bacow Inauguration
Central Administration

100 Days of President Bacow

Throughout American history, “100 days” has marked a critical benchmark for any new leader. The Crimson looks back on University President Lawrence S. Bacow's first months in Harvard's — and arguably, higher education's — top job.

Bacow at Inauguration
Central Administration

At Bacow’s Inauguration, Pomp and Protest

Friday afternoon marked a rare occasion as the last four Harvard presidents descended on the Yard to ceremonially welcome Lawrence S. Bacow to their ranks.

Massachussets Hall

Four Years Later, Harvard Will Offer Second Sexual Assault Climate Survey

The Association of American Universities — which administers the survey — announced Thursday that Harvard would be one of 33 schools participating in spring 2019.

Lawrence Bacow

'I Can't Tell You Where the Money's Going to Come From,' Bacow Says of Endowment Tax

Bacow said the brand-new, Republican-backed tax on Harvard's $39.2 billion endowment will deal a blow to the University — but added he will protect the school's financial aid programs at almost any cost.

Harvard Law School

Students Filed Title IX Complaints Against Kavanaugh to Prevent Him From Teaching at Harvard Law

Over the past week, several students filed formal complaints alleging Kavanaugh’s presence in Cambridge would violate Harvard’s policy prohibiting sexual and gender-based harassment.

United States Capitol

Harvard Alumni Petition Senators to Vote Against Kavanaugh's Confirmation

Alumni have circulated at least two separate letters in recent days — one addressed to the 13 Harvard alumni who currently serve in the Senate, and one specifically to Sen. Ben Sasse ’94.