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Dennis Zhang's artwork
Fifteen Most Interesting

Dennis Zhang

At Harvard, Zhang chose to study Mechanical Engineering because it blends two passions: art and science. “I like creating things, building physical things,” Zhang says.

Alice Hamilton

A League of Her Own: Professor Alice Hamilton

By 1916, Hamilton was the world’s premier authority on lead poisoning research. Led by academic as well as humanitarian motivations, she worked in Chicago and Paris before receiving a letter in the mail she most likely thought would never come: an offer to work at Harvard University.


Endpaper: A Cocktail Bar in Madrid

It’s human nature to obsess over other people, but this type of enduring enchantment with such a small moment means something else.



Professor Danielle Allen

Danielle S. Allen

Danielle Allen, one of the 15 Professors of 2017, has been trying to shift the conversation from inequality to equality.

On Campus

On Air: Baby's First Mosh Pit

Luongo and de los Reyes are nearing the end of their four-year reign over WHRB’s punk rock department, and it’s clear they’ve had a good run.

Nick F. Barber

Putting Harvard on Hold

Roughly one in 20 students take a leave of absence from Harvard every year. But no two stories are the same.

Why is Harvard Square a Food Desert?
Harvard Square

Hey, Professor: Why is Harvard Square a Food Desert?

While Harvard Square is chock-full of restaurants, specialty stores, and—for Harvard undergraduates—dining halls, a comprehensive grocery store with fresh food at affordable prices is noticeably lacking.

Bo Seo

Bo H. Seo

“As children we endure a lot and experience a lot, and I think the rest of your life is just reverberations of that original moment,” Seo says. “For me, I’m pretty attentive to how people are responding to things or to me.”

Baking, Not Business School: A Conversation with Joanne Chang
Food and Drink

Baking, Not Business School: A Conversation with Joanne Chang

Joanne B. Chang ’91 estimates that she eats an entire loaf of banana bread every day.

Camp Cabin

15 For a Moment

Every time they pull out Tiger Beat Magazine, I can’t help but think about myself at 15.

HUDS Strike Day 2

Harvard's Dining Workers, Behind the Picket Line

On Oct. 5, HUDS employees went on strike for the first time in more than 30 years, and for the first time ever during the academic year. Many of these employees have been at Harvard for years, even decades—so what has that time looked like?

Matthew Liebmann

Matthew J. Liebmann

Compared to many other archaeologists’ work investigating thousands of years into the past, Liebmann’s focus on the archaeology of early Native American encounters with Europeans is practically breaking news.

The Faces of TDM

Showtime: A Look at TDM's Debut

Johnson’s Movement Lab is one of many classes offered this year as part of Harvard’s newest concentration: Theater, Dance, and Media.


Cosplaying the Field

Bringing a new kind of cultural flair to an otherwise average March weekend, Anime Boston is a three-day convention located at the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston.