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HUDS Food Donations

New HUDS Initiative Donates Leftover Food to Local Organizations

HUDS initiated the program with Food For Free, an organization started in 1981 dedicated to collecting food that would otherwise be left to waste and distributing it to shelters and pantries.

Sciences Division

BioVisions Initiative Highlights Importance of Life Sciences Visualizations

BioVisions, an initiative supported by Harvard and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, works to make digital visualization a more common tool in studying the life sciences.

Student Life

HUDS Debuts ‘Catch of the Day’ Fish Program

Starting in late January, Red’s Best began selling 760 pounds of fresh fish to HUDS weekly, depending on what local fishermen caught that week, at a pre-determined rather than market price.

Social Studies Move
Social Studies

Social Studies To Move to William James Hall

The move from the committee's current location in the Radcliffe Quad will officially take place on Jan. 5, 2015, in preparation for the start of the spring semester.

Ali Jaber - Arab Weekend

Arab Weekend Explores Opportunities for Region

The weekend featured a range of panels and workshops on topics such as energy, education, arts, and entertainment.

Hong Kong: Origins of the Crisis

Panel Traces Hong Kong Crisis Through Colonial History

A panel of scholars and former U.S. diplomats argued that the current conflict in Hong Kong has historical roots during a seminar Wednesday afternoon.


Study: Genes Can Help Explain Coffee Consumption

The research indicates that eight genes in the human body may be related to coffee consumption, either directly or indirectly.

Art Museum Forum
Visual Arts

Faust Panel Argues for Art Museums' Importance on Campuses

University President Drew G. Faust and several art specialists agreed on the importance of art museums on university campuses at a panel discussion Thursday afternoon.

History Is Everything

Professors Discuss Diversity, Relevance of History

Six professors shared the everyday implications of history during the third annual “History is Everything, Everything is History” talk Wednesday afternoon.

Higher Education

For-Profit Degree Holders Disadvantaged in Job Market, Study Shows

Degree holders from for-profit online institutions are 22 percent less likely to receive callbacks when applying for business and health-related jobs, according to a study led by David Deming, an associate professor at the Graduate School of Education.


Ex-Latvian Pres. Weighs Russia's Impact on Baltic

Vaira Vike-Freiberga cited the pressure faced by Ukraine and countries that neighbor Russia as an example of structural problems in international politics.

Andrew Ng - Deep Learning

Coursera Co-Founder Promotes 'Deep Learning' at SEAS

Coursera Co-founder Andrew Y. Ng spoke about “deep learning," a new set of algorithms that he said have the potential to dramatically enhance artificial intelligence technologies.