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College Administration

The Veritas Project: The Story Behind Dean Pfister’s Fungi

In the first instalment of The Veritas Project, Bessie X. Zhang '17 finds out why Pfister loves his fungi.

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Let's Be Real: The Veritas Project

This blog is a combined inspiration from Humans of New York (HONY), and Harvard’s First-Year Outdoor Program (FOP).

Roving Reporter Housing Day screenshot
House Life

Roving Reporter: Which is the Best House?

The results are unanimous—freshmen, are you ready?


Well Done

You’ve thought so much about where you hope to end up and how to get there. The time between now and the day you receive your results may feel like a never-ending wait. However, regardless of what the decisions are, some Harvard freshmen shared some thoughts on what to keep in mind:


The Final Stretch

To high school seniors applying to college: You are so, so close. Every time you stayed up until an absurd hour perfecting a project, all the focus you’ve devoted to each activity you are a part of, every bit of energy you have put into the past four years of high school--all these sacrifices are about to pay off.

The Square

New Year, New Clover!

If you're a big Clover fan, then you have something to look forward to when you get back to campus!

Secret Santa

Secret Santa: A How-To

With the holidays right around the corner, many of your clubs and friends are probably planning gift swaps (Secret Santa, Secret Snowman, White Elephant, whatever your variant of choice is!). Here are some tips for making sure things go as smoothly as possible:

Roving Reporter: Canada
On Campus

Roving Reporter: What's the Capital of Canada?

Do Harvard students know the capital of our friendly neighbor to the north?

Roving Reporter: Canada
On Campus

Roving Reporter: Canada

cs50 quincy candy

Overheard: CS50 Office Hours

lyby decided to do some eavesdropping to document the mayhem that went on before p-sets were due the next day at noon.

Red Sox World Series Parade

Weekend Red Sox Victory Parade Draws Crowd

Members of “Red Sox Nation” lined the streets of Boston to catch a glimpse of this year’s World Series champions as they rode on the city’s iconic duck boats for Saturday’s victory parade.

Archives By the Numbers: Veritas Crest, 1643
Harvard in the World

Flyby Ranks the Rankings

We’re at a place that’s famously obsessed with rankings - especially ones that put the big H on top. Recently, the Atlantic did a comprehensive ranking of the college rankings that included a whole two rankings(!). Flyby wanted to embrace this idea and do an actual ranking of rankings.

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Harvard Square

Where to Trick or Treat in the Square

Fact: no one is ever too old to trick-or-treat. If the five-year-old inside of you wants to go knocking on doors and asking for candy this Halloween, don’t try to fight it. The Harvard Square Business Association just released a list of places in the Square handing out treats this Thursday night.


Who will win the World Series?

There is a palpable buzz in Boston this week surrounding the World Series, which will feature the hometown Boston Red Sox versus the St. Louis Cardinals. Here on campus, it’s not hard to guess who we’ll be cheering for. But statistically speaking, which team has the higher chance of winning? FM decided to talk to Carl N. Morris, statistics professor and sports analysis guru.