To high school seniors applying to college: You are so, so close. Every time you stayed up until an absurd hour perfecting a project, all the focus you’ve devoted to each activity you are a part of, every bit of energy you have put into the past four years of high school--all these sacrifices are about to pay off. They have shaped you as the person you should be proud to be presenting to your admissions officers as you hit submit on your Common App.

As you polish up your applications, remember to congratulate yourself for many things. Some of you have already put so much thought and time into these materials, and they are ready to go. For others, it may be that you’ve only recently come up with new ideas and are still writing up or editing pieces. This is also perfectly fine: these ideas came to you for a reason. They matter to you, so you are more than qualified to write about them well.

Be proud of who you are and how much you’ve grown in these four years of high school. These last days of applying may feel tiring, but think back to two days ago, and how quickly that went by. Repeat the same time frame over again, and you’ll have finished the college application process! Think back to all those final stretches you’ve pushed and succeeded through during the last four years of high school: studying for exams, doing final projects, preparing for a big tournament. You have made it through all of them, so you will do amazingly when completing the final stretch that is these next two days.

Like Dory says in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming”. Your college application is a window into the amazing person, student, singer, athlete, debater, juggler, or artist you have become. Most importantly, it’s a celebration of you, a person you should be so, so proud of. So push through the final stretch and give yourself a big hug when you submit that application in two days. You’ve got this, and you’ll do wonderfully.