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Dorm Crew

Dorm Crew Adapts as House Renewal Increases Hall Baths

Dorm Crew will shift its responsibilities as Harvard’s House renewal projects replace in-suite bathrooms with hallway bathrooms.

Dunster Floor Plan Level 1

New Dunster House Floor Plans Show Mix of Suites, Hall Baths

New floor plans for Dunster House, currently undergoing renovation, feature the elimination of walk-through bedrooms and a shift away from in-suite bathrooms toward shared hallway baths.

Winthrop Site Plan

Winthrop Residents Will Remain In House Next Year

Contrary to administrators’ previous statements, Winthrop House residents will not live in swing housing next year to accommodate House renewal plans.

Dean Khurana's Cabot Pride

On Housing Day, Freshmen Welcomed With Festivities

Paying the brisk windy weather no heed, upperclassmen stood chanting in the Yard, sporting face paint and colorful House swag

Central to Harvard

Their Own House

About two percent of Harvard undergraduates, or 120 students, live off-campus. These off-campus students have, for various reasons, elected to opt out of the Residential House system, which administrators have called a “cornerstone” of Harvard’s undergraduate experience.

A Balancing Act

From Entryways to Extracurriculars

Even as Harvard pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into renewing the College’s residential House system, many students find it difficult to balance their extracurricular commitments while also participating in House life.

Visiting Scholar on Campus Equality

Visiting Scholar Calls for 'Intentional' Support for Campus Inclusivity

Shaun R. Harper, the Office of Student Life’s inaugural “Scholar-in-Residence,” advocated for “intentional” institutional support as a means of increasing inclusivity on college campuses.

House Life

Ahead of Policy Change, All Houses Offer Mixed-Gender Suites

The policy change, which came after students lobbied for the effort, will officially take effect with the spring’s upcoming rooming lotteries, according to Associate Dean of Student Life William Cooper ’94.


Winthrop and Currier To Provide Off-Site Summer Storage

Winthrop House and Currier House will provide students with free off-site storage for this summer due to construction projects that will limit storage space traditionally offered on-site.

Winthrop Addition

Winthrop Affiliates Excited About Renewal Possibilities

Preliminary renewal plans were well-received by Winthrop affiliates who said they look forward to expanded student housing and social space.

Gore Hall Addition

Winthrop Renewal Plans Include Addition to Gore Hall

Renewal plans for Winthrop House, which is slated for renovation in 2016-2017, include a five-story addition to Gore Hall on Mill Street.

House Life

Mather Hosts Reception for Two Art Installations

This exhibit is part of a project called “Mather Build,” which was celebrated in conjunction with the student photo campaign “In The Making” at a reception in Mather House’s Three Columns Gallery on Wednesday evening.

Cool "Kiting" Thetas

Sororities Extend Bids to Record 215 Women

Harvard sororities hold "bid day" despite snow, extending bids to 215 women.

Hasty Pudding Man of the Year 2015

Chris Pratt Honored as Hasty Pudding Theatricals' Man of the Year

Actor Chris Pratt displayed good humor and versatility Friday night at Farkas Hall, chopping wood with his forehead and performing a lap dance as he was honored and roasted as the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ Man of the Year.


Record 280 Women Enter Shortened Rush

A record 280 women will seek entrance to Harvard’s four sorority chapters in a redesigned, shorter rush process starting Thursday.